They try to bring me down
Mission failed

I got no protection
Put on a spell

I got the magic
Show and tell

I’m not gonna lie
Looking at the mirror kinda fine

Stepping out of bound maybe
Cross the line

But who is you and who is I
Cuz I’m better then the next guy

Giving the energy not for me for you
But if that guy better then me then no
One better then you just got to do what I go to do Talking my sh*t catching my buz but most

People is gonna show me love until i give it up
No never giving up that what they want and I
Ain’t rapping it up and my heart is what I’m

Covering up cuz I don’t want your fake love
Want me when your man ain’t showing up
That why I got to keep my head up kinda hard when

I held my head down no word
In my head spitting word
To my inner demon wide awake
My smile is turning fake
In a chair rapped up wit
My mouth cover up in tape
So I got to stay speechless

Dark listening so I got to stay speechless
Don’t trust no secret gotta to stay speechless
Hating word but I don’t talk stay speechless
Writing down word just in case I can’t be speechless
If I fall in love heart breaking so I got to stay speechless
Got a  is imaginary friends and they just stay speechless
Wanna know what I feel got to stay speechless
I got stay speechless

I got the swag
You can not teach this

People get mad when i be

I be napping when you
Be sleeping

They be stocking
When you be creeping

All that talking
When you be tweaking

Leave me broken
So we can be even

Going up far
And down deep in

Wait for the time
You’ll leave him

Because he
Keep shaking his hand

Can't tell him what
Has happened

Cuz i got to stay spechless

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