[Intro: YN Drako]

[Verse 1: YN Drako]
I prolly won't get no chance to go big cause my problems been Constantly killin' me (killin' me)
These rappers think they a friend of me, they won’t show love so I Know they ain’t feelin' me (feelin' me)
I really feel this my realest of verses, I bought me a hearse for my Enemies (enemies)
You tryna work then just give me a bag, if you ain’t talkin' cash then You kiddin' me (kiddin' me)
Yeah (ha) the fam got s'um to say
I keep on killin' these beats like it’s murder, I need me a bag cause I’m Movin' with pace
They hit me up and they say that they ridin', I know that they lyin' just Straight to my face
I know they mad cause I’ve been on the top for a while and ain’t Nobody takin' my place, I just been workin' and winnin' the race
Y'all really ain’t know nun' bout me
Y'all never seen the work I did
Y'all be the type to go beef on the phone but when you all alone you Try leaving the scene
That's how I know you ain't built for da game and I can’t even say all The things that I seen
Dirt on yo name when I say what say, like a semi I spray I'mma spray Yo whole team (yeah)

[Chorus: YN Drako]
Shots at yo neck
Tell me who's next
Came fo' my check (my check)
We leave 'em wet (yeah)
Shots at yo neck
Tell me who's next
Came fo' my check (fo' my check)
We leave 'em wet (yeah)
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