MC Eiht


[Verse 1: Conejo]
Growing up in the hood, 1991
17 of my boys died by the gun
Ese fast forward 10
I was on the run, that’s OTR
You cross the border for fun
And me I cross the border
Or face indictment
Another street war
With the enemies fighting
I’m writing, ese in my journal
So I could tell the world
About this f*cking inferno
I’m heavily armed
When I’m in the shadows
Muthaf*ckers get served
On a silver plater
My presence, when I rhyme
That’s a cut throat voice boy
West my side
Steel trigger
Homie how you figurе
I’m West Adams born
Foo the unforgiving
Like a drug
That I dеliver
That’s heroin tar
On the menu for dinner
The mysterious sound
Travels around
SoundCloud plays
The Mob G get down
Dedication, to the craft
Street poet for the culture
On their behalf
It’s aggressive
No easy task
Elements of intrigue
When the nina blasts
That’s regardless
I get rave reviews
Scarface dos
Been paid his dues
So home, is where the hatred is
Penitentiary chance
Just to handle biz
Home, is where the hatred is
I made that choice
That’s what the f*ck I did
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