Tha Dogg Pound


Yeah, now we gonna talk about these hoes for a minute (talk about these, let's talk about these hoes)

There’s some hoes in this house
There's some hoes in this house
If you see 'em turn ’em out
There's some hoes in this ho-ow-ow

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
b*tch, why you looking at my di*k?
Acting like you wanna blow a di*k
Yeah, I know he know a b*tch
Got my homie, and we all out to get laid
Seen this b*tch on stage
Live, right, get it goin', don't stop
Panties drop, hit the floor
Don't act like you new to this hoe, I seen you before
Yeah, you don't remember me, cause I ain't have no loot
Now b*tch, you tryna act cute
Pull up your skirt, do it like it's ’sposed be done
Ain’t no fun if the homies can't have none
And after we get to ya, get with ya
Get through ya, stick di*k to ya
Got my n*ggas in here motivated
Heated, gang related
[?], and it’s like this
[?] b*tch

[Verse 2: Daz]
This is for my homeboys
Let's show 'em how we get-get down
Show 'em how we -get down
Show ’em how we beat it to the beat of Tha Pound
Don't mind, it's just a pimp thang
Money with me every time, it's a grip thang
Short and simp' thang, get it like you want it
With the shake of Dogg on it
Go on do it like you want it
Baby lick it good-
Hip, big tits, sh*t's so thick
Baby flossin' that kitty, I ain't bullsh*ttin' b*tch
Go on, do what ya gotta do, baby lick it so tend'

[Chorus: Snoop]
Do ya see what I see? (hoes in this house)
All I see is pus*y (see 'em, turn 'em out)
Do ya see what I see? (hoes in this house)
All I see is pus*y (when you see 'em, turn 'em out)

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Trip, now Daz, Luke, Kurupt, and Snoop
Come bangin' all the hoes in ya muthaf*ckin' group
It's a shame, how my game
Gon' get that pus*y for me in a minute mane
There's hoes all over this place, I bumped a hoe from Atlanta
Named Nevanah, and I, ran a, plan up
That I had designed for another b*tch named Savannah
Man I, had a lot of hoes in my lifespan
Even had a b*tch from Iran named Jan
Not to mention Japan, I had a tight-eyed hoe with dough
Ya know? Fo' sho'
Now ya know I can bump 'em
So when they get out of line I won't hesitate to dump 'em
Cause I was taught not long ago
In order to gain a hoe, you gotta lose a hoe
That's why my stable, keeps me able
To buy nice cars, homes, and cables
Gangsta haters, a question for y'all
Why yo' b*tch paws in my draws, holding on my balls?

[Bridge: Kurupt]
You act like you don't do it
But you know ain't nuthin' to it
Don't play like you ain't been through it
Fit to blow di*k like ain't nuthin' to it

[Verse 4: Kurupt]
One for the money, two for the hoes
Seen 'em all coming, they coming in rows
b*tches ain't sh*t, so I suppose
Your b*tch is different, in different clothes
Hell nah she ain't, she's just an average hoe
That gives the average di*k the average blow
Don't play, don't look at me that way
Don't switch, I know a b*tch when I see a b*tch
I know a hoe when I see a hoe
DPG done get blowed in some [?]

[Verse 5: Daz]
Baby sit back, with your bad self
You ain't never ever had a piece of ass n'em
Once you get it butt-nekkid get to mackin' 'em
And she worked it on a n*gga so [?]
I get nasty, when you least expect
Get fine drunk hoes to get butt-nekkid
We don't be trippin' when walk inside the club
Find me a freak by the name of love
She love, wants a girl that like that di*k
Plus like that clique and like freaky sh*t
You wonder why we bring these hoes
These types of clothes, so we suppose
Spit this game, once you think you know it
These freaky hoes is good to go

[Chorus: Snoop]
Do ya see what I see? (there's some hoes in this house)
All I see is pus*y (if ya see 'em, turn 'em out)
Do ya see what I see? (there's some hoes in this house)
All I see is pus*y (if ya see 'em, turn 'em out)

[Verse 6: Snoop]
Man, this n*gga right back in the club looking for some love
Standing at the bar with a pocket full of dubs
Paying some b*tch, to make your di*k get hard
Cause you's a muthaf*ckin' trick
I gets, n*ggas like you's on the regular
Send a hoe at ya, then look at ya
Right where I want ya at
Make sure you won't get no get-back
I learned from the best pimps in the game
I got hoes all over, my best hoe's Nova
I know ya tried to come over
And get at her, it really didn't matter
I had her, ready to c*ck back the hammer
And jam her, 9-double-M in your face
While you dance to the boogie of the bass
You chase hoes, I place hoes in they place, n*gga

Now let me tell you som' right, a lot of n*ggas don't understand (nah they don't understand) how real pimps and real players handle their sh*t (they don't understand, know what I'm talkin' about)
Ya know, aye, me and my man, Dogg (tell 'em), you know we just puttin' hoes in they place, we pimpin' hoes (pimpin' hoes), laying hoes down (slamming Cadillac doors)
You know, a hoe is gonna be a hoe (hoe gon' be a hoe)
Some of y'all n*ggas don't understand that (yo' hoe be a hoe, let the hoe be a hoe fool)
So, so don't act like you don't do it (cause you know ain't nuttin' to it), cause you know ain't nuttin' to it
Just like we said, aye, hoes gon' be hoes (lay yo' b*tch down, lay yo' b*tch down, lay yo' b*tch down, yuh, yuh), n*ggas gon' be n*ggas
We gon' get ours
Aye, y'all hoes gon' be mad

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