Amanita lyrics


The Church

Did you ever really mean her
With her feathery rods
Filaments of the gods

Dust and power
Cloudy shower (little misery)
Little baby crying (little misery)
Little treat glory [0:40] (little misery)

I stupidly assume
You'll be in the room
There'll always be room for me
You should have a Zoom with me

It's getting to the stage where everyone thinks they're gonna be someonе in this big world
And that makes me laugh
I gotta laugh, yeah, or I'd cry
Yеs, I'd cry

Amanita running all through the night
Eros Zeta down for the fight
Nothing sweeter than to be by your side
We're not in the business of surrender
Tear down the veil
You cannot beat her
He no alpha male

Nothing sweeter
Than watching it fail
But we're not in
The business of surrender
(The business of surrender)
(The business of surrender)

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