Korea lyrics


The Church

Korea is nice this time of year
Snow so white
The pine is so green

There was a cafe
A cold afternoon
We sat safe inside

Now you're talking to Sun Kim Jong
I wonder what she'll say
She'll wonder where I am today

Up in the clouds
And a face against the windscreen

You so gone
In your scarf
Wonder how you lost your keys

Now you're walking with Sun Kim Jong
I wonder where you'll go
Guess I never really know

Korea is clay [2:06] this time of year
And the lights flash down
On the wind black streets
I checkеd out
Of my hotel
And you always parked in the drivеway

Now you're sleeping with Sun Kim Jong
I wonder what she'll dream
I wonder if she dreams of me

Now you're working under Sun Kim Jong
I wonder how she writes
And how it feels inside
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