"The Winner (Airwaves version)"

How many times have you heard it before?
You should never have taken the chances
Out on the street you had nothing to lose
But the shirt on your back, it's a gamble

Something just happened inside me
And I'm runnin' as fast as I can
Picking' up pieces
Won't let no one get in my way again

I'm gonna be a winner this time
Gonna be a winner this time
Any way that I choose it
Not gonna lose it again
Gonna be a winner this time
Gonna be a winner

Take all I can, it's been there all along
There's no reason for me to surrender
I feel it comin', been waitin' so long
Now I know what it is that I'm after

Something is there I can feel it
Oh, I was too blind to see
Pieces are fallin' in place
And I know that in time you'll see
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