Ryan Oakes


I hang my head
Locked inside of my bedroom, I'll be fine
Right now, I'm saving my breath
I'm sick of wasting my time
This for all the times that I bled
And all the pain that I felt
I'll use the lies that I'm fed to f*ckin' save myself

[Verse 1]
Scared to pick that lock that's hiding my subconscious
Way too young to be knowing all of these toxins
Twelve years old, I was sippin' on concoctions
Tryna tell the world that I think I'm all out of options
Screaming out for help with the whole world watching
It was entertaining, it fueled their gossip
I was just a little kid when I flipped that faucet, went unconscious
Like f*ck it I'ma found out who God is
No one ever found out about that day
So they kept on giving me back pains
They didn't care if I was stuck in a bad place
It made my brain sicker than the Black Plague, now
I'm having panic attacks when I'm alone and I don't sleep
Fingers down my throat between the meals I wouldn't eat
When I hit rock bottom, and I wanted to retreat
I just crawled back up to my damn feet
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