Kenny Beats

"Running From The Law*"

*Lyrics From Snippet*

Whoa, Kenny

[Verse 1]
All I want to do is fake, knock off
Don't want to make money, had the stock off (Woo)
And I got a sick wrist n*gga, wish b*tch (Yeah)
Ain't nobody this rare, take a flick, b*tch
Stunting like you pop the sh*t like it's property (Watch out)
All my pockets hitting licks, I think about robbing sh*t
Only know I drive you crazy, homie drive the sh*t (Think about it)
Lately I've been selling that penny a gram, you know I be live as whip

Yeah, running from the law (Yeah, yeah)
Running from the law, I'm scared
Running from the law (Uh, uh)
Running from the law, I'm scared

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