Corey Hart

"Another December"

[Verse 1]
Another December, it's cold out
Snow is all around
December upon us
Making footprints on the ground
It's so quiet, but I hear you
Every time the choir sings
Oh, Mama, the angels
Gave you God's most beautiful wings
All that I am, all that I was
All that you taught me since I were a child
All of your light still shining through me
Ever so bright on this Christmas
Bright on this Christmas night

[Verse 2]
It's gettin' late, just got done with
Putting the kids to bed
We saw stars shoot across the moonlight
"Joy to the world," we said
Oh, mama, how I miss you most
On every Christmas Eve
Oh, rest in Heaven
Knowing down here, we believe
In a merry Christmas
We still believe (Silent night)
In a merry, merry Christmas (Holy night)
We still believe (Silent night, holy night)
We still believe (Silent night, holy night)

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