[Intro: J3R1CH0, Ben Ulmer, Stephen Torres]
Oh yes squeeze that, oauh
What the hell is wrong with you bro?
Get your fingers in there
Oh my, yes

What's going on up here?
We're watching Stephen climb
Uh *repeated slaps* uh uh

[Verse: J3R1CH0]
Got so much drip b*tch I filled the Atlantic
I'm dropping these b*tches just like the Titanic
I'm heating up b*tch I might blow up volcanic
Before I climb in the pus*y I chalk up Organic
My meat in a b*tch like a f*cking fajita
I'm Goku next level you f*cking Vegeta
I flex like a wrestler like f*cking Batista
I need my cheddar like cooking some pizza (f*ck!)
b*tch grind on the di*k like she from f*cking Zumiez
I stay with my clique cause I can't f*ck with goofys (Gawrsh)
You beat to her Insta cause her in a two-piece
Last week the same b*tch I f*cked all in her booty (Ah!)
That b*tch made me nut in the theater like Pee-Wee (Haha!)
She ride on the di*k and those titties like 3d
I chop up the beat like I'm Jason machete (sh sh ah ah sh sh)
Put my seed in a b*tch like I'm planting an apple tree, plan b
I need my paper like Georgia-Pacific
You f*cking my girl!
I'll be gone in a minute
You popping in high school now turned to a gimmick
I'm the Shaman King b*tch turn your ass to a spirit
Stay stuffing a b*tch like it's f*cking Thanksgiving
Perfectionist b*tch been hot from beginning (Uh!)
I wear your b*tch like my button-up linen
Charlie Sheen b*tch you know I stay winning
You take your shot with a b*tch and I block it like center
She all on my neck like a turtleneck sweater
b*tch hop from my di*k to my face like its checkers
She said that she love me (I'll say it back never)
I f*ck a b*tch dip like its instant transmission
I don't need no pus*y b*tch need my commission
I make a b*tch wet like I'm New Edition (Uh!)
Y'all hermaphrodites cause you be pus*y and chicken
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