"7am Freestyle (Remix)"

*sniffling and coughing*

sh*t fire, that 7am

Intro/Verse 1:
Wake up, I wake up, I wake up
Smoke on a spliff (yeah)
b*tch on my di*k (yeah)
Don't even know how she got into crib (hah)
Money stacking' up up (up up)
Look at my wallet don't think it'll fit (nu uh)
Now what's really crazy is this (wha)
My homies done turned to the feds (fed)
I thought all the bullsh*t was dead (nope)
f*ck it I'll get to the bread (yup)
Took yo b*tch from the club, to the uber
And I ain't said sh*t till we get to the bed (freaky)
Alpha male you a beta male
Man I can tell, yeah I can tell
Let her hit that sh*t once, now she say she in a spell
Record the verse, on a Mac, no dell (nope)
You can hear this sh*t, man, my gas really smell (gas!)
Devil boy he take yo ass straight to hell, in yo dreams yeah
(in yo dreams yeah)

Verse 2:
Whatchu know about Dyl? (what)
He go in straight for the kill (bow!)
Yo girl I go straight for thrills (yup)
Hit her from the back gave her chills (oo)
Woo what's the f*cking deal (what is it)
What's the f*cking deal (tell me)
Yeah what's the f*cking deal (tell me tell me)
Hmm, I won't ever sign no deal (nope)
Smoke dope, that's for real *inhales*
Ducking' twelve (uh uh) my location be on chill
Always feel like I'll be killed
Why somebody watchin' me? (hmm)
Or I'm tweaking off the drugs you say (tweak tweak)
Well that's not what these, bullets got say, (bow)
When they spray, (bow bow) broad day
Chief Keef, Bang! Bang! (Bang Bang)
Boy I ain't come her to play (never)
Ain't sh*t that you can say (shut up)

Verse 3:
Juice said, juice said, juice said, juice said, juice said, yeah
Juice said, shawty gave him top in a Tesla
Well shawty came into the picture
And truthfully I'll tell you I missed her
But don't you get to wishin' (nope)
That b*tch steady get to trippin' (ow)
So we gon' light up tree, smoking on that green (hmm)
*cough cough*
I'm sticky from all of that weed (yeah!)
Trap be running light beams (runnin')
Momma and streets taught me, see
Turn a hunnid to a G (look, flip it)
Rappin' to juice type beat
While i'm sippin' on a tea (titi)
My life is amazing (mazin')
She love the way that I'm phrasin' (phrasin')
She on her knees and she prayin' (she prayin')
Thank god the lord raised me (thank him)
Oh I mean my momma saved me (momma)
Doin' good and bad since a mutha f*ckin' baby
Yeah my deeds outweigh the evil
So I'll never be sad, even when I'm lonely
And got no b*tch in the bag (yeah)
One day I'll be so rich that I pull up in Maybachs (skrt skrt)
Wit the crew or without dawg
You know I'm gon' flex (yeahhh)
What he sayyy ayyy, she gave em'
She gave em', she gave em' wha (yeah hm hm hm)
She gave him top in a Tesla (ehh)
Uninterested in extras (never)
Tell me she ain't mad but her text does (wow)
Had to fly her out to see Texas (fly her)
And you know what the rest was (hm)
Said she love how the sex was (sex sex sex)
Skrt in the bootleg Tesla, that's the Lexus
Trynna f*ck Alexis Texas
And you know I'm just the bestest
And you now that's for the restest, of time
Put that on my casket, and I swear I won't fall
Watch me shine, man it's Dyl
Yeah it's mutha f*ckin Dyl
(yeah it's Dyl)

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