Lil Dicky

"Lil di*ky Freestyle Sway In The Morning"

I like to play it cool like I'm not that
On the low who’d assume that I got that?
I don’t know but the dude with the tall frappe
Looking aloof, being all that
Even Babe Ruth wouldn't call that
I don't even sweat it tho
They be hesitant as if my credit low
But the sh*t will hit em quicker then an edible
I'm bout to run for Senate ho
You won't even centerfold
Been on top of cheese I ain’t talkin' ‘bout oregano
I'm talkin' about yo cheddar homie
I hit a college and I’m f*cked like I’m pledging a frat
They bout to silhouette up my nuts on American flags
Estoy contento, muy estupendo
Everybody know the cat like a dope meme
I got em' buzzing off the crack like a dope fiend
They saw em' come up with a Mac yeah I'm so Steve
Nowadays b*tches tryna crack got 'em ODing
Like how them hoes want to get it with L
They know it's cold enough to charge like a letterman sale
If they gon' stand behind the bars I'm in federal jail
I'm going far like a general mail
On that note I got the fellas saying what up, the tape what up
The same mothaf*cker playing with his steak cut up
I'm great, shut up, the flowing no debate just us
I'm out of shape but I'm straight to f*ck
Yeah you know I got a chicken in the condo
I was sick of getting off beat she a bongo
Now she playing with the hard D being Rondo
Drunk and go inside her all sweet like a Strongbow
How I'm'a do?
I got your ex coming next like a W do
I gotta flex, I'm the best, now I'm being direct
I'm unimpressed by these b*tches that I see in the press
I'm kinda vexed by the trash like I'm cleaning a mess
'Cause they as real when they rap as a Chias a pet
They old news stocks plummet! Men's leg hair they ain't cut it!
Forget about your era, Pat Summitt
Finesse writtens
I wanna get a hundred b*tches and f*ck with the spitting
Religous like a couple of post-marital Christians
I've been official, di*k Bevetta a living
You better dig it like you b*tches got a mill in the ditch
I'm killing this sh*t I been kicking like a villainous ninja
My sh*t is gripping when I run it how the f*ck I be slippin
I be intimate with them hoes, she never flummoxed
I take chick p and smash, I call it hummus
And I be funny with this sh*t, I'm just playing
But still nobody f*cking with the kid I'm just saying
Ah! Got a chicken parm on the date it seem
But I don't even know the broad, she just grating the cheese
I don't even got a job I just blaze and free
But still they give a boy bands, 98 degrees
So come f*ck with me
I got a couple hundred b*tches doing drugs with me
And I got a couple dozen b*tches tryna hug di*ky
And I got a couple b*tches who be steady f*cking me
Hey, that's a good ass life
Only thing I got left find a good ass wife
But yo I gotta hit these hoes first, don't tell Mom
But in a year I'm'a bend over Michelle Obama
Bruh you know I gotta do it while I'm hot
I'm tryna get blue in most states like Barack
I'm tryna show a boo the last name of the Rock
And put her on D till we O, J Watt
I never hit the scene when I do I'm high and wasted
I'm f*cking with them jeans love them b*tches high waisted
I run around your team, you a player but I'm Naismith
And I Command V, while you copy I just paste it, face it
Hotel got 'em puffing on the L, going harder than some hell
You ain't knew it
If everybody had to tell the truth and you had to pick a dude
Spitting better than your dude: can't do it

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