That’s A Joke lyrics


Lil Dicky

That's A Joke, that's a joke!
Ha, ha, ha, they getting roast
Ha, ha, ha, thats a joke, thats a joke! (Ha, ha)
Ha, ha, ha, what a joke
Ah, yea, yea, yea
Ah yea, yea, yea

[Verse 1]
Ay, these motherf*ckers, they done lost me
Everything I'm doing lofty
I'm kinda wearing them like a softy
I got them grounded up like coffee
I had an..
'06 write it up, wildin out
Back in '06, I was talkin about graduation, now I'm on Wild N Out
Time has changed, got a lil grayness in my hair, I don't care
I gotta face it, I ain't never know how the money payment workin
There's a person, couple pеople prolly, I don't even bothеr
Big up to the father, he be so responsible and so logical

What am I even doing? Why am I rapping like this? I'm such a loser

[Verse 2]
I hate when rappers try to rap fast
Make the kids dance, women lick my anus
Think pieces on me, New York Times I made it
I'm f*ckin' like a fable, doggy style why she kegels
Then we eat a couple bagels with the lox word to Jada
Gata told me "I'm the best" and guess what?
I'm the it guy for America
Don't mind me, I'm over here just redefining the alpha male
Don't mind me, I'm over here just getting all the opps (all the opps)
How they rappin'? I been workin' on my craft, makin it happen (work work)
We should make a bracket
Don't forget that I'm the comedian, but I'm better than the rappers?
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