"Chasing the Light"

I want you to understand that you're mortal
If you're conscious that you have come with a limited amount of time
You will arrange your life naturally in a most sensible way
If you think you're immortal, you have time to do stupid things
If you understand you're mortal
You don't have time to do anything other than what really matters to you

[Infinite Joy]
Every winter it only gets worse
From top to bottom just existing hurts
I wonder what this life is really worth
Doctors give up on the search
They've been sending me from one to the next
God i didn't choose this flesh
I try not to let it get me stressed
But it's hard to feel blessed
When all i see is suffering until death
If that's my future i don't want to have it
Too scared of the cowards way out so i rap it
Give me a few more years
Let me leave these albums, i'll go make my peace
And when it comes to that, you can save your tears
Right now is the only chance we get
Appreciate every second or ascend with regrets
I try to see every being as an extension of self
All i ever wanted was to be happy and share it
If you are healthy please do not be careless
Re-evaluate your habits
My flesh feels like a prison i'm trapped in
This life is short lived like the flames on a match stick
See i'm all fire, hard wired to calm riots
I might be on a spiritual path but i'm not pious
Ain't alive when i'm not spitting or writing
This pain is too much i can't fight it
I've been losing weight yet incapable of exercising
Some don't believe me cause professionals can't find it
I got no reason to lie trick, don't you think i'd rather feel great
Than to stare this pain in the face everyday and have to say
This is your life don't complain
Make the best out of the pressure in your veins
My mother is sick and i can't be of aid
So my brother ends up bearing the weight
I'm so scared of the shame
People ask em what i do for a living
I don't do sh*t i'm just existing
I get high every night
I feel like a waste of space in this life
I'm just an insect chasing the light
The one thing i'm good at is breaking a mic
These words my only purpose, I've gotta make it worth it
Dedicate this verse to every person chronically hurting

And in your life you must be doing only what truly matters to you and nothing else but that, isn't it?
This you will do only if you're conscious that you're a mortal being

[The Last Emperor]
See a brother like me is willing to fight
And every time i question death my only answer is life

9 o'clock, wauw still alive, one big smile, still alive
10 o'clock, what's wrong with 10 o'clock? still alive
We're fine we're healthy but we could be dead tomorrow morning, i'm not wishing it, i will bless you with a long life

I'll make my peace
When i reach the light
Here to explore great heights
And kiss the skies
And kiss the skies..
I'll make my peace
When i reach the light
Here to explore great heights
And kiss the skies
And kiss the skies...
You can save your tears...
Save your tears..

[Too Poetic]
Staying healthy comes first
Look at me, things could be worse

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