Prāta vētra (BrainStorm)

"So Low Lullaby"

It is quarter to five
And I'm wide awake
When you're broken in dreams
There is nothing left to break
If I could drift away
For the rest of time
Or at least till morning
To escape tonight I look out my window
Stare out into the night
Catch the lonely glare
Of a neon light
I've run out of prayers
My beads on the floor
So, bring on the sunrise
I've been waiting for

There are so many stars in the night
But I can't see the one
While dark clouds cover the sky
Oh, I wait for the morning sun
For the morning sun

I'm halfway there
And I'm halfway here
Never too close
And never too near
With an empty look upon my face
I've been waiting for something
To fall into place

I'm halfway up
And I'm halfway down
With my head in the clouds
And feet on the ground
To stop this longing
But who do I pay?
When we were young
I heard somebody say

I wait for the sunrise , you see
And would you wait for sunrise with me
So low lullaby
So low lullaby...

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