Prāta vētra (BrainStorm)

"Wish You’d Still Be Here"

The world is soft through the glass and so quiet
And we'll ride the buses and stare at the lights
I’ll look at you in the windows and you, you will smile
We are invisible as we pass through the night

Didn't anyone notice we were here all the time
Those voices we've heard for so long have now gone quiet
I bet they never thought they’d be thinking about us tonight
Maybe they'll learn to be a little warmer next time

Oh, I wish you'd still be here
Oh, I wish you'd still be here
One more day would be just fine
Oh I wish you be here

And I can see with the sun in my eyes
And I can feel the cold in the warmth of July
I never wanted to be standing here or found like this
I hope some day we'll be sharing more then I miss

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