Yung Lean

"Heart in a Box"

[Verse 1]
Cold iPhone, love letters on me
Love scars on your arm, you say they're for me
Say you make a little splash, I'm a shark in the sea
Dreamworld castle, say f*ck your industry, uh
Dracula's son tryna make history
We some young OGs, hang my heart on a tree
Let my lungs hang free, heard her voice call for me
Ay, Lamborghini red, rims look like lipstick, ay
Snow white for the 7 dwarfs taking risks, ay
I don't give a sh*t, I'm popping pills 6, 6, ay
Medicine look like rainbows, she wanna lick, lick

sh*t is getting messy, nasty, and sincere, yeah
I'm sick of these boys thinking that they slick, slick, ay
What we doing? Getting rich, rich, rich, rich, rich
Slick, slick, slick

[Verse 2]
Got my heart in a box
Got my heart in a box, ay
Got my heart in a box she opens slowly, yeah
What you scared of? She's scared of being lonely
Got my heart and my soul, all I need it slowly
In this hell of a month, all I got, my homies
Keep it in my base, my blood pump closely
Keep it in a box, guard it like a trophy
All it was for me, yeah, yeah, yeah, Lean
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