Acid lyrics


Yung Lean

I been going to the place every night
Mix prescriptions let it kickin Now I’m high as a kite
I got visions bout a mansion and my wrist drippin ice
Boi u mad u could pull up and it’s gone be on sight
Play too much and u might pay with ur life
Say my prayers to the blade and spill his blood with my knife
I been going way to hard but I’m gon be alright And I know I Said I wouldn’t pop a pill but I might

Been a minute since we kicked it
Back when I thought I could kick it
I thought I got demons off me
But it seems like they stickin
Can’t take no breaks with life
Gotta wake up and live it
But If I take these drugs
I don’t have to feel it

I been living off swishers
I been rolling with killers
Y’all boys on some monkey business
b*tch I roll with gorillas

The more money drillas
Now I outrank civilian
Ur b*tch call me daddy
But I feel like a king
I could buy anything
But I won’t buy her a ring
Tie a weight around my ankle
U think I’ll sink or swim
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