"Eaton (Kalado Diss)"

Yow Kalado
Inna real bomboclaat life yute
So yuh nuh know you affi change yuh name before yuh war gunman?
Your birth name a Eaton Gordon
You mada know yuh born fi suck pus*y
Yuh can diss badman?

Beg which bloodclaat fren from bwoy yuh mussi idiot
Gun shot any pus*yole a just we that
Steal knock inna yuh pus*y face the nozzle real hot
Yuh correct name a Eaton, squeeze one, yuh knee pap
Yuh big pus*y mada know yuh born fi eat cat
Three slap the freak drop, bloody like a meat shop
Career done crash now a time fi heart beat stop
When man a beat strap dem have dem head underneath frock
Boom! Bwoy kongo a wreak mi nuh broke mi wi broke a neck
Mi son go a prep
See mi gyal dem an push out dah tongue deh a death
Dem kill bow cat fast fast run go fi the tek
Yah thirty one and hungry same way you muss a fret
Mi hold you mada mouth and stap it out hard and buss a sweat
Born bad yuh just a step, we have the K weh Russia mek
A that mi use shot dizzy and him nuh recover yet
Crocodile is a reptile yuh dunce like bat
Send yuh self go a school next time yuh get a check
Calabar wah gwaan from mi inna a epolete
The three star inna mi crep
Mi nah itch fi tek yuh breath
The suck c*cky wretch big pus*yole stretch
Weh yuh use voice yuh intro she mi wah ketch
f*ck her in her mouth and c*m pan her breast
Yuh and Kalado sex life yuh a talk pest
A gun man a press, pus*y dem a digest
Shot a pump inna chest doh test mi bun flesh
A sting yuh wah go through yuh flop a Sumfest
Doh try nyam out the lyrical contest
A gun man a push up, every man a drop flat
Yuh email Corey a call and a Whatsapp
A seh yuh wah help no dadda drop wah
So the stiff tongue bwoy have a bag a bad chat
Bare rifle mi buy boom! Pan a knock knock
One a clock shat broad day mada shock shock
Call which Babylon inna face wi chop cop
Bout real alliance pus*y yuh a top sprat
Portmore who wi a bloodclaat bleach pan
Eaton pull up inna the Nissan, reach fi the piece &
Jesus peez & dem mada better keep strong
Find dem faceless, rifle weh we slam
Demarco box who? Yuh inna dream land
K dem nuh empty the f*cking 16 ram
One inna yuh pus*y face wi nuh carry lean hand
Funeral me plan, pastor, deacon
Yuh medz dutty pus*y yuh face a sleep pan
Eaton eat anything that he can
My fren run wid yuh pus*y when yuh see him & call mi fi the hot f*ck cah man a real don
Bruk like a dawg the pus*y floss out the three song
Drop dem a drop a me yuh a try lean pan
Lyrics dem a f*ckrey
Flow yuh need one
Yuh baby mada Dania- my c*cky she nyam
Facts mi a talk anything yuh hear mi speak pan
She seh yuh money short short, But yuh tongue real long
Regular she truck inna yuh face Leyland
Lose yuh medz cause a pus*y yuh a feed pan

A wah do you eediat bloodclaat boy?
Killa never teach you di bagga nyamming arguement inna di bloodclaat war ya f*cking eediat, yah disgrace [?]
Man a real bmboclaat badman. Common, Grands Pen, [?] Lane, Jungle, Rema, c*ckburn Pen (Yuh fada molest you as a child)
pus*y, you cah go a road again, mi nah ask you dat, mi a tell you dat
(Or a true you mada never send you go a school?)
Genah-Bloodclaat-Syde, pus*y you dunce like bat
Anyboy, anyweh, gunshot a fire, hardball! pus*y
Anyweh mi see you, one hard box inna yuh face, 'memba dat!

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