KXNG Crooked

"Listen Boy"

Ah that's Hip Hop
That's Hip Hop sh*t right there
(Long Beach)
You hear that? That's Hip Hop
(My Brother Dizz Made This)
(East Side)

Listen boy
I got a couple rules to the game
This ain't Ben Baller sh*t
These are jewels for your brain
Listen boy
I got a couple tools you can claim
If you use 'em they more dangerous than the tools that you aim
Listen boy (Listen boy)

[Verse 1]
They don't wanna see you on your feet
Rather see you homeless
Rather see you on the streets defeated and hopeless
Rather see you on your knees so keep up your focus
Don't give your dreams to a thief
Listen boy
Clean out your ears just to hear it right
'Cause some priceless advice, you will never hear twice
You a immigrant? Teach your children never go near ICE
You a black kid? Always remember Tamir Rice
Listen boy
The word beef I know what it means
You can die right now over some low budget schemes
You can get your hand cut off over gold nugget rings
Like the eyes of a serpent I seen cold blooded things
Listen boy
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