Wake Up Show 2010 Wake Up Show lyrics


KXNG Crooked

So let me explain this give me a little
Bit I'll give me some man give me
Something so this what happens late
Where two thousand eight or nine I was
On power 106 and we want to do something
Live Bobby came with the keyboard and I
Said something I thought my man cricket
Was nice of jay-z Bobby got mad at me
But I really believe in him back then
For years and then eventually they
Formed slaughterhouse so when I asked
Him here tonight to do was to kick the
Rhymes that set this whole thing off the
Whole thing started like two thousand a
Nine it was so insane I want to relive
That moment that all running out nobody
Holding me back goes all the way back
There yes a true wake up so I'll plug is
Original so I appreciate this new he'll
What our most ferocious yes girls legend
Yeah yeah do you remember the rise from
That night Luke uh slaughter yeah I
Think so I think I know yeah i'm i fixed
A primal whistle the some other classic
Cuz you already know Baio y'all gave me
That platform I saw some I'm gonna love
Now I'm a real went up in yes right
It's on me
Yeah wait go show y'all know what's up
All Club see I'm about that life my G my
Gonna load I live by another cold my
Desire burn the globe you think it you
Was born to meet a [ __ ] cuz you fell out
Of your mother's of a whole hell
[ __ ] know you'll think that
Crooked ice I tell me why not
Is it cuz the mind boxing your blind
Spot I sleep with one eye open like it
Insomnia stricken Cyclops cuz I can rest
In there pine box
I'm all so many drinks de vive keldo
Trow ha I fall up the stairs that are
Down oh I'm so hot girl in America and
Unplug I will [ __ ] it up ends on you
Ain't a legend like John move back like
It's embarrassing hairline let the air
To the chair shock throughout ugliness
My team is there with me it's all lovely
Sniff my team fair with you still I'm
Feeling like an organ donor so many
[ __ ] trying to get a quarter be like a
Four with a rare kidney come and give me
I'll leave you down under surround
Sydney different kind of shuffle still
Airlifting see my mama named me dumb and
That's anonymous with ominous summon
This game to show you what drama is this
Game to conquer in Genghis Khan in his
Boss the Rosato rod will challenger to
Dodge my barrage look at the DuPont
Registry that's my garage convertible
Beamer paint black in it I'm a star the
Engine noise all it with different toys
And still spit like poutine when he was
With me poison my pen game is sick
Calling penicillin the sky's the limit
This will Florida killer silly you guys
The gimmicks hide your women perkins in
The virginia drilling the friendless
Women may feel the village doctor
We big pimping even a virgin cut off my
Leg i put a shoe on my third one
Look how easy the words club
Close Savior that's why they say Church
With the first done speaking the church
From the city will sit as well [ __ ] as
The LPC gonna take a gif of hell
It's Judgment Day you have judging you
Infidel tsipras infidel buy liquor off
The Richter scale it's 2013 we bout all
Boss me if I think is Chuck Taylor crew
We all-stars and a man never hits get
The hardest forgive me detective MMA
Fighter with a mixed martial artist West
Coast wave with the garbage
You ain't [ __ ] with the Dodger hat
Unless your name is mr. Marcus I'll have
Your carcass and if you listen to this
Ill spit and you rip the floor I get you
Carson this long beach every day y'all I
Say free my homie tradie all right we
Ain't no I'm just a slaughter ride wait
For you in the same [ __ ] but that
Biggie smalls get your daughter tied up
Wait no next enters Carter ride up come
Inside it doc I hop in you whisper the
Carter five but I mean the Carter for I
Play any town red that's the art of war
I bust your ass in every city cuz I'm
Gonna tour attacks you I'm not on a tour
Of the or I'm at you and ain't no better
Lobster slaughterhouse like a mix
Between Tyra Banks and energy drinks
Full headed monster full headed by my
Foot headed by my forehead Oh out on the
Streets I put my life with a lot between
The sheets I put my life in the blood
Quicker recite these rods give his sight
To the blood in the dark I recite or
Shine light in your mind like I sight
For divine i'ma fight for my car [ __ ]
Surviving a crime with a sniper design
Right for a lock right for your mind a
Target of man I was [ __ ] before became
A marketing plan cover my heart with my
Hand and vow to keep it real keep Park
To Japan target the hearts of the fans
Like an archer as part of the plan man
My loved one crested at peace good
Peak at the peak of the des to the
Bridge to express in a speech under
Asses are each OD before me they gave me
Lessons to teach my Pablo gave measure
To reach a cough oh [ __ ] nurse not for
Arrest the police
Death to the beasts renegade and his
[ __ ] witness the birth every lesson is
A prison until I finished the first
Every minute of being you see they
Diminish this church you [ __ ] ass
[ __ ] a village in a listing is dirt
Society no like our hope is lost to
Disavow I do what your car over flux yes
The reason the range got all promise up
To hate a rich [ __ ] cigar-smoking boss
I'm crazy put me on a therapist out
Please double shots leave a [ __ ] wearin
Out the people Gareth
Marisol chalice amount was staring in a
Swearing about the sub bad
Characteristic the damage in your
Arrogant fellow American you apparently
Doubt that I won't merrily bury you
When our character sheriff's is out they
Go that devout terrorist route you box I
Shoot blocks
We just don't compare Annabelle both
Wallow I'm Erin ul shot-caller hook it
Up swing Ted what love yes how you
Freestyle or not glow
Could I get up yes
Make some noise just pick it up
Yeah awaken so our flood home on the
Truant please hey cook let's kill them
Please home abilities you got heart
Weight will show up la yeah and we have
To do away with him because he goes back
In our history yeah so deep original
Wake up show team member and I just want
To thank y'all man cause y'all always
Provided a platform for real lyricist to
Get down on a big stage you know what
I'm sayin y'all family to me and it's
Gonna be love them straight up rookie I
Face will come and throw all wake up so
On let's go so tools full screen wood up
Say five hold up
Sways universe without wake up so what
Up DJ revolution what up and they go
Deal with the be good kid I want the
Night goes on right oh yes it it's nasty
Yeah rook thanks for coming to man look
Look for that slaughterhouse Alvin yo
One on slaughterhouse coming Mansoul
Bambi way look out hopefully hopefully
Hopefully February I went go so uh Wow
Shut the building down yo yo where you
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