"End Game"

If there's 14,000,604 ways
Where it goes wrong, then why play?
If we've got one chance to win
Make room; I'll be goin in, ayy

[Verse 1]
'Cause I'm a beast on a mic; Thanos on a mission
Lyrics tryna get your mind stoned like it's Vision
Kinda like Romanoff, Hawkaye with precision
When I get to going off
The greatest sh*t you'll ever witness, like
Tony Stark in the suit when I blast fast
I swear that you're invisible to me; you can ask Drax
Captain Marvel flyin' over heads with my last tracks
b*tch, I don't think you've got the stones to snap back
I'm past rap when I'm crossing the Bifrost
That's getting me to another realm
I'm looking to find gods
I'm tryin to keep it low key while p*ssing all of you guys off
Playing with the Eye of Agamotto 'til time stops
I spit flame I'm Strange like Benedict c*mberbatch
Control brains, insane like getting the Tesseract
I'm Luke Cage and trading hoodies with Method Man
Netflix cancelling our shows, need to bring it back
They can hate but I never allow it getting to me
Like I've got an arc reactor blocking it and technically
I'm more like the suit that Shuri made for T'Challa
That can absorb all of the negativity 'til it's bottled
And let it all build up inside until every hit has been duplicated
Then redistribute it to energy I can use to make the
Music I refuse to let you win and I will never quit
Like I'm the projection of your worst dream from the Scarlet Witch, b*tch!

This is the endgame
Going Gamora with swords like a sensei
Or it's more like I'm Thor with immense rage
And Bucky Barnes' arm aiming at your chest plate
Hulk smash the track and it's on
Kinda like Cap's beard: you'll be sad when I'm gone
Ebony Maw manipulating the whole scene
Rest in peace Kirby, Ditko and Stan Lee
Yeah, I can do this all day
This ain't nothin'
Ayo, bring it back in
Let's finish 'em off

[Verse 2]
Yeah, representing the nerds
Seein' that sh*t the first night is for sure
Rockin' these shirts, we all got immersed
In this whole world while escaping from yours
I don't really need nobody to tell me I'm different
The music, the movies and comics, yeah, that's the religion
Find me in the Quantum Realm with Scott Lang and I'm tripping
This Adamantium is dope but I'm wishing that I was
Peter Parker swinging through with style
But it ain't a Spider-Verse if we don't talk Miles, ayy
Now we see what's next up
Phase three is done, now we expect what?
Fantastic Four and X-Men, please
I'm tryna see Doctor Doom fight Wolverine
Oh, respect the art form
I'm coming with a better soundtrack than Star-Lord
Yeah, no shame in the love
When Guardians 3 brought back James Gunn
Yeah, we don't even see you
If you think that you're a star, then I'm a planet like Ego
And I'll just wait for Doctor Strange and Black Panther to get a sequel
And I'll still be going back for new comics that I can read through
And I know it isn't easy
But homie I'll still be pleading
If you do another Thor then you gotta bring back Waititi
See, we owe a lot of sh*t to all of y'all, that's eternal
Speak loud, I don't think they heard you
Too many to say
Everybody that made all the movies and the comics that we love
You're the sh*t

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