Chino XL

"Cypher Pt. III"

[Verse 1: Davon]
Y'all can suck on my di*k
f*ck this, Davon
I ain't really nothing to f*ck with
They want me to put on the pressure
Up all on my back [?] trusted
I'm putting the lock on the game
By the time that they got it
It probably rusted, disgusting
But I ain't rapping
My purpose here is to prove a point
That any time you dare to compare me
To rappers you'd appoint
You better present your A game
Cause lately I'm a comet
Just headhunting to slay names
I'm blitzing in the day game
I put my best foot forward and never stumble back
Crusader of the city, y'all can run with that
I never really f*cked with half you actors and di*k riders, I'm done with that
They're tracking every movement like a runners app
I'm cooler than a Thundercat
Words are a 90 Ruger just gunning facts
And shooting it at the masses, I'm grouping bodies they come in stacks
This ain't the common sound
I hear a lot of rappers talking big
So I'm checking that y'all just not around
But dawg I'm starving now
Maybe that's why I eat mic stew to get rich quick
Then drink bars to wash it down
Know that this ain't for shock factor
This is strictly facts
The word is about the town that I'm capable of some grizzly acts

[Verse 2: Chino XL]
My path of righteousness was obliterated by my circ*mstance
Can't be controlled by the church's hands
The worst merciless perfect purposeless
Last man you want you want your worthless thirsty verses observed first hand
Surgical word [?] wanna nerf, really wanna go up against
I'm like an electrified fence
I sizzle and fry kids
Leave you and the rest of your life lived
Through coffins and open eyelids
I had enough of these cowards
That can't be trusted
I crush them with my bicuspid
I cut their ears off
So they can hear me in the afterlife like [?]
I [?] the cluster
I’m obsessed with the alphabet
I am [?]
When I apply pressure to wordplay
I am the vessel in which lyrics are accustomed to
Muscling you out the strong armed robbery route
I slice your verse in half before any slack sour vowels could ever leave your mouth (At all)
Did you know the Indian wizard possessing that street mysticism
Your suicide is your only acceptable form of self criticism (Ha)
I'm at the age where I’m sick of this plague of plagiarism
My rhyme shakes religion
I had to escape from where the pagans visit (Shh)
I'm raised and swinging
Like I caged a being
Where the pains inflicting
We're the same in sickness
Omnipotent witness
Ridiculous wickedness through my veins thickness (Yeah)
Don't have an aneurysm
Just tryna find an angle where my anger isn't
Strange and twisted but I'm focused
When I’m artistic like a young genius that is autistic
With the creativity of Da Vinci when he was called a misfit
I was already gifted
You wasn't ready for such a heavy lift (It's crazy)
No feeling legitimate
Half animal, built like a Minotaur
Kill you in the kitchen and have your children mopping your blood off the floor
(...f*ck outta here)

[Verse 3: Skrewtape]
Peel your potatoes, so much on my plate though
Smoking on some play dough, studying Plato
Everything from pi to Pythagoras
Be the habit, watch you slide like abacus
To the lab to test that, doing [?]
I got several apparatuses
We at the [?], bagging up radishes
You're rat assistant brought rats
This is when I start rationing (Gimme dat)
Made some rash decisions imagine it
I need a management
Nah i ain't mad at that
Can't stand to have my life on the shelf
No it was so nice started ghost writing for myself
I mean really though? you see this baby? (You see this?)
You gotta try really hard to be this lazy hazy
[?] that's the LSD talking
Please pardon it pardon me I am retarded
He barking up the wrong tree, keep barking
Proceed with extreme caution, peace offerings
See my wreath so slim to none
Six to one chase, you crap out, sh*t the rug
Pull the plug, we all got a dark side
sh*t happens, quit acting like your dog died
It's a long ride, keep it [?] at all times
I sacrifice your goat to the ghost of my lost tribe

Wake up, Donnie

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