Chino XL

"Different Grade"

[Chino XL]
Juggling planets in my palms like Galactus
Stabbing n*ggas with needles and cactus cause discomfort, pain, death and fractures
Flashes of brashless, cast spells over blood soaking grasses
Give you a fair [?] like you in a motorcade with Jackie Onassis
Bring anxiety, make you walk around without purpose on purpose
With unmerciful curses got you too nervous to be nervous
Smashing you to smithereens, that is an understatement
One step to cremate then I put your body in total liquidation
I'm fragile but agile, hope heaven greet me with adulation
Preparing for this next life, I hopе it be perfection in its formation
My wеapon is obsession with phonetic innovation
Minus nominations, any denomination, I murder in moderation
Toxic gossip words can be stipulation, I vanish in vanquish and anguish
Any of my clones in vacant simulation with ancient sacred flagrant language
Alliterations [?] deep as Asians
Sea basin, f*ck them in a [?]
Put me in a deep freeze until I metastasize into another species
I'm a street priest with a syllable word sheet
Splicing you into fetal fecal feces
With a Jersey dirty delivery rivaling any genius in written history
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