"DayzZz Of U"

As my heart rises in the East
It also sets on the West

(Verse 1)
Now im straight twisted
These memories were gifted
Im trippin off your smile all the time
(Bring It back)
I can't stop with these feelings that I got
I've been going through alot
And you're the only one to drop
All the drama that's been talked
About the past when I was caught
Doing all the bad sh*t when I was young as a teen
And now you got the cutest smile a vatos eyes have ever seen
And I can see you got a bright ass future ahead
Maybe that's the reason why my brown ass is upset
Because yet
I got time telling you how I feel
Cause the feelings that I got for your ass is real
And now your, boyfriend out here living it up
And I dont know why your with that Adam Sandler looking f*ck
So just chill
And notice what im saying is true
Theres a person that I like and that person is you
I grind my teeth everytime I see you stories on snap
Hoping you'll reply back after hearing this rap
And now your still walking past me after all that I've shown
Well god damn

(Hook x7)
Cause you, got me trippin
I'm praying and I'm wishin

(Verse 2)
I think the harder part of holding on is letting it go
Cause my heart is just an organ that I can't control
And no I cannot quit and no I will not quit
Cause I know your that person that I want to be with
Its a trip, to see nothing else would matter in life
I look into your brown eyes and everything is alright
So tell me why I have the urge to sock the walls again
When you make me super happy just by being my friend
I hate the fact that I can teach you how to smile again
So why you messing with my feelings on a pile of sh*t
I hope you realize that I can do better than him
But I don't got to trip no more girl, You know who wins

(Hook x7)
Cause you, got me trippin
I'm praying and I'm wishin

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