Big K.R.I.T.


[Intro: Marcus Kincy]
Wanna be ya motivation
Yeah, let me be ya motivation

[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T.]
I be ya motivation on the late night tip
On alert put in work ima make my shift
Or early in the morning ‘fore ya get out and go
I got the kinda stick to make ya stop her at the door
Like one mo gin before ya leave getchu one mo in
Now that’s a queen ona mission
I send ya on ya way barely walk kinda sway
Told ya ima beat it up beat it up
And I mean what I say
I leave ya wetter than the drip in the beat
Yeah, ya classy ya sassy but still you a freak, I like that
You the type to go and cook for a n*gga
Fix a plate and make sure a king eat, I bite that
I’m talking seconds when you double down
Peach cobbler pecan brown
Deep side when I come around
Computer love boot it up toot it up
Motivate ya when I put it down
Young Krizzle

[Verse 2: Ej Jackson & Marcus Kincy]
I don’t know if it’s a crush
But shawty laid back I ain’t gotta rush
In her hands is bands no cuffs
She ain’t locked or gotta rock on her hand, I must
Take the timeout to discuss (Where I land)
We can fly out to your crib (No cap)
We can dine out at your choice (Take a rose)
We can ride out in that Rolls (Skrrt skrrt)
We can slide out in that thang (Aye)
Leave it to me, baby just leave it to me
I plant the seed, I plant the seed
I’ll be what you need
Spending my time with you (Leave it to me, baby just leave it to me)
All of my time with you (I plant the seed)
Wine as I dine with you
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