Grind Time Now

"Mosh Jelton vs. D-Lor"

[Round 1: Mosh Jelton]
It'll be proven today that you're gon' lose in the Bay
What's with your grill, either that's a natural toothless decay or you made that stupid mistake of trying to chew through a gate
You give blowjobs to Smurfs at work till you're blue in the face
Don't quit your job at the computer brigade 'cause you don't like the unusual way your f*cking cubicle's shaped
Now, if you think I wanna hear one of Danny Glover's songs you're f*cking wrong
You were raised by your Uncle Tom and have the voice of Phillip Drummond's mom
This coast's a fire hood, see I know these guys are good
But you a pus*y, so there's no surprise that Kobe Bryant's foot's gonna Oakland-ize and pulverize Winona Ryder's bush
How you gon' be c*cky and arrogant when broccoli's your hair and your body's asparagus?
We're not a comparison, not even as modern Americans
My ancient Hanukkah holiday heritage will bring your forefathers embarrassment
If you're full-on wrestling, find the Oakland exit
Say a comic reference, that's an open death wish
'Cause I could do what you don't expect sh*t, give you a verse broken [?] stand you up hold ya' head [?] and hit you with a Vulcan neck pinch

[Round 1: D-Lor]
Yo, Johnny Voss, I mean, Mosh
I heard that there was beef approaching
Mosh, you about to get demolished by a beast in Oakland
Smash him till his teeth are broken leave him floating in his hemoglobin
If you think he raps hot frees
I'm here to say you can't, stop, please
He's a poser, he used to wear, black long T's and Phat Farm jeans
Now this wack [?], is getting a tat drawn by Kat Von D
So there's now way you're winning if you think that you can better me
A retard walked in the cypher and the ladies were like "Let him free, it'll help his self-esteem"
I'm a giant like Bonds with the clear and the synthetic cream
You're the reason pregnant teens shouldn't take amphetamines
It's like he took the worst parts of the rappers from our freshest scene
'Cause he ain't spitting aggressive schemes, or doing it impressively
I just got off the phone with the genetics team, and compared to the west regime, you're one giant recessive gene
So if you think you're serving Lor then God help him
The only thing we're getting served is a hot helping of Twot Jelton
I'm with the-

[Round 2: Mosh Jelton]
When I hit him till he starts swelling up, no one help him up
You probably go on hunting trips with Elmer Fudd
I don't think this jealous f*ck is hella thug
D-Lor's the only name that sounds stupider than Mosh Jelton does
Don't start lying to me, you ain't brushed your teeth or even tried to in weeks
Your gums are so yellow, they lighten your cheeks
Stock could be rising in Bleach if they tried to whiten his teeth
Let me enlighten these peeps, he's okay with rap writtens, but there's no way this cat's winning
Unless we're playing croquet or badminton
I take the deep route, what would y'all rather see now:
Dolores lose this battle or me knock Illusion Z out?
This faggot's got a decent whip
It's a piece of sh*t Prius crossbreeded with a Kia stick shift equipped with euros and a Jesus fish
Yo, this geek's a b*tch without a purpose breathing
I'll stick my insensitive knife through your nerves this weekend just to hurt your feelings
Tuck that sh*t in, you're actually starting to spit when you spit
And just 'cause you're dyslexic that don't mean you can blame your lisp on your lips

[Round 2: D-Lor]
Tank Lipp, Tank Lipp, I mean Mosh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
It's well-established that I'm African-American
I'm just waiting on him, to make an accurate comparison
But I'm not gonna do what y'all think and try to paint the picture like he's some sort of "racist spitter"
But weren't you the guy to date his sister, have a baby with her and name it 'Hitler'?
You rap all wrong, and your hair looks like a damn oblong
He's thinking of starting a pornographic website after this battle called 'Blacks on Mosh'
I'm doper and I'll prove it with a tight flow
His shorty tried to move it like a cyclone, so I hit it like she threw it in a strike zone
But his shorty ain't even the whore I'm after
'Cause his hockey mom's not even a cougar, that b*tch is a Florida panther
The difference between me and you, is Lor's a rapper

[Round 3: Mosh Jelton]
Dolores, you're the gayest ho
D-Lor Downward Light Output Ratio, f*cking way to go
You're the loneliest wigger, you might look hip hop if your clothing was bigger
Ever since you broke the placenta you been wearing cowboy boots or broken suspenders
You come here to be an Oakland contender, this ain't a bogus adventure
Hope you remember, don't think you're the top dog 'cause your nose is configured like a Doberman Pinscher's
There ain't no time wasting, my style'll leave your mind racing
This dude's into Myspacing guy pages for blind dating and line dancing after wine tasting with white ladies
I'm glad and I'm proud that I rap from the south
I'll hit you so hard your teeth'll smash through the ground start dancing around then jump back in your mouth
You ain't mastered an urban religion, how are you a black person when you use words like 'exquisite', 'absurd' and 'terrific' go surfing and swimming and don't like curves on your women?
Plus, he's allergic to chicken, he works for a living and his credit's in perfect condition

[Round 3: D-Lor]
Let me make this clear, I got respect for the Florida scene
But Mosh right here was never a normal teen
He used to suck di*k to score some lean but I guess that's regular for a fiend
For the cream, he even had sex in a porno scene, going ass to ass like the b*tches in Requiem for a Dream
So this was never a Florida thing, I respect those guys' wins
But, yo Illz is hosting, Madness is Fresh Coasting, and the rest don't rep it like them
You're here losing twice looking like a petrified b*tch
And after his battle with Solomon, I don't even recognize Jin
So who's gonna win this battle, a real impressive vet rhymer
Versus Bill S. Preston Esquire
No wonder that the sh*t he thinks he's spitting's the truth
He musta got the message mixed and confused when Rufus told him to "Get in the booth"
Okay, are you finished, I don't really like your racist lines you're spitting
Because, yo, they kinda sound like eugenics
Which the Nazis proved was science fiction
You deliver those rhymes you're repping
Like your mind's infected with the virus from I Am Legend

[Round 4: D-Lor]
Who knew, that one day, Grind Time's hopeless faggot
Would grow up to be the champ of its lowest bracket
See, Mosh grew up in a all-white hood, he's even got the robe to match it
That's until he found hip hop, and wanted to spit badly
Started listening to Trick Daddy to rebel from his hick family
Couldn't pass for black so he figured Latins were more his steez so, that's the reason for his distorted ego
He spent his teen years fronting like he was one of those freshly-hopped-the-border hijos
Even moved a quarter kilo, till someone realized they ain't got Mormon people in Puerto Rico
Now he's just another normal gringo
And I'm spitting the heaters, but he isn't really spitting the ether
Yo why'd you let the guy battle that delivered the pizza?
And I'm proving that I'm slaying more than beef
This is the last time you'll come to the Oakland streets, wearing Old Navy Performance Fleece
Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy Performance Fleece
Sing it with me b*tch, Old Navy, Old Navy, Performance Fleece

[Round 4: Mosh Jelton]
His f*cking chick has sex with me
Your mom pays me for that pizza and she gives me extra cheese
So that's the motherf*cking recipe, this motherf*cker isn't nothing standing right here next to me
And I'll tell you right now you a b*tch ass
And there ain't no way this pus*y motherf*cker can rip tracks
You can catch this phony geek, riding through these Oakland streets in an old Caprice
Bumping Bon Jovi Meat Loaf or Toby Keith
See, I be rolling weed to smoke to the f*cking head
The only time he's on the green's when he uses his cutting edge putting wedge
Listen [?], you been dork
And I ain't been embarrassed more than when I ate dinner at his house and didn't know which fork to use on my fifth course
I'll stab you with pitchforks and big swords, so get back clown
I'm sounding way blacker than you, so sit yo' b*tch ass down
Yeah he a pus*y, I make the bomb sh*t in the lab like a nuclear physicist
You'll get gassed like Jewish imprisonment
Ain't you find out the hugest coincidence that dude wasn't spitting when The Saurus and Illmac had no YouTube significance?

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