Carole King

"If It’s Over (MTV Unplugged)"

We're gonna do a song called If It's Over, which I wrote with one of my idols, Carole King

[Verse 1]
Won't you talk to me
This is so out of hand
Something's gone wrong
With the life that we planned

[Verse 2]
Won't you look at me
You're avoiding my gaze
And it seems like you've changed
In so many ways

[Chorus 1]
It isn't fair
It isn't right
If it's really gone
Then tell me tonight
If it's over
If it's over
Let me go

Don't you know
I don't need no apologies
I'm not looking for sympathy
All I'm asking for
Is your honesty
Won't you give it to me
Give it to me now

[Chorus 2]
It isn't fair
It just isn't right
'Cause if is't really gone
You've got to say the word tonight
If it's over
If it's over
Won't you let me know
Baby if it's over
If it's over
Over — let me go

Thank you... thank you...

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