Carole King

"If It’s Over (MTV Unplugged)"

We're gonna do a song called If It's Over, which I wrote with one of my idols, Carole King

[Verse 1]
Won't you talk to me
This is so out of hand
Something's gone wrong
With the life that we planned

[Verse 2]
Won't you look at me
You're avoiding my gaze
And it seems like you've changed
In so many ways

[Chorus 1]
It isn't fair
It isn't right
If it's really gone
Then tell me tonight
If it's over
If it's over
Let me go

Don't you know
I don't need no apologies
I'm not looking for sympathy
All I'm asking for
Is your honesty
Won't you give it to me
Give it to me now
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