Still Cruisin’ (Remix) lyrics



[Verse 1: Eazy-E]
1, 2, 3, and to the 4
Eazy muthaf*ckin' E with the chrome to your dome
Cruisin' in my 6-4 rag top
I got a lot of juice, a lot of f*ckin' block
Now when I hit that switch I'm bouncin'
More bounce to the ounce and I'm clownin'
Keep the gat in my lap 'cuz I'm fully strapped
For the car jackers, but no haps 'cuz I pack a
Tech 9, plus a A-K 47
Send a one way ticket to my hell or maybe heaven
Peep, n*gga I don't sleep
Bury motherf*ckas' in the concrete
You try to creep kind of slow in a Astro
But I peep you n*ggas out in my left window
So I blast and I blast 'till I blast no more
Yo, they call a motherf*cker John Doe

[Bridge: Eazy-E]
Watch this n*gga do some diggin'
Pop that pus*y on a platter

[Verse 2: Eazy-E]
Old n*gga E still cruisin'
Punk stay up on the nuts and the bone
pus*y n*gga had beef knocked out of his teeth
The muthaf*cka should have stayed his ass home
Hey yo peep them b*tchez in the Honda
4 deep with the proper ass sounds
Now every time that I meet a fine cute b*tch
She got a friend from the f*ckin' Dog Pound
Hey yo b*tch
Here's the seven digits
Call me if you can
Only if you want it
Let a n*gga know
Can I dig like a miner, 49er
Diggin' for gold from behind her
Watch this n*gga do some diggin'
Pop that pus*y on a platter
Watch this n*gga do some diggin'
Loose or tight it doesn't matter
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