[Verse 1]
My mind has been tellin' me to settle right on down (Ooh)
Right now
Day ones have been tellin' me that they won't be around (Ooh)
They won't be around

I hope that you know that once I loved you (Oh)
I wish that I'd known you'd let me wonder (Oh)
I hope that God knows that I'm in need of help right now (Ooh)
Right about now

[Verse 2]
My soul is reminding me that we're forever young
Ooh, mmm, ooh
Inhale and exhale my breath until the deed is done
Right about now, ayy, oh

I hope that you know once it's over
And take what you love, so hold me closer
Realize that you don't know what you got until it's gone
Right about now
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