"Never Be Stopped"

[Chorus: Riskykidd]
I was in the kp with a lot of hits huh
Built me a house, got a lot of bricks huh
I gotta be like a battery
Some fees i'm adding them up
In the four seasons with natalie
Gotta be like jiggilypuff
Had boost like brother these socks
Out here it's pop or be popped

[Verse 1: Riskykidd]
Dealing with snakes
Smoking the grass
And they don't know nothing about it
Claiming you acting and trapping the feds
They don't know nothing about it
I was in the kp straight scheming i made it up out of it
No one can say sh*t to me
Coz they the ones that doubted us
Jealous we've got lots of pride in us
Once i copped i'll never be stopped
Never lose im in every stop
Say your kp but your obviously not
Need some need some what
No greece when i leap in the frog
No thief my p's from my dog
Double G's
Let my weed simmer off
Can't be what i be in a box
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