Jessica Mauboy

"Burn (Pop Embassy Remix)"

Did my make up and my hair
The way you like, like, you like, you like
Still you seem to find somethin' 'bout me
That isn't right, right, right, right

You called me sexy when we first began
I'm sorry this is the way I am
I'm crazy just for givin' you a chance, chance
This will never happen again

Look what you did to me, cut me so very deep
I need a doctor cause this is startin' to burn
Try to fix it now, the bridge is to the ground
This love is over so baby just let it burn

When we're at the club
Don't I shake it the way that turns you on
(You couldn't take your eyes off of me)
You know that I'm hot but you wanna make me feel
Like I did somethin' wrong, wrong
(You try to put me down but this is not what I need)

You're twisted, if you think that you can control me
Your actions are about to leave you sad and lonely
You're crazy so let me put this to an end, end
Don't ever wanna see you again
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