Jessica Mauboy

"Been Waiting (Carl Remix)"

We've been friends for so long, I can’t deny
These feelings are so strong, I keep hot inside
I wanna tell you but I can't find the words to say
So afraid if I do
Things will never be the same

I got to work it out, time's really running out
Don’t know what to do but I know I gotta say it now
Don't wanna lose a friend but why should I pretend
That I don't love you when I've waited so long

(So long) been waiting, (so long)
Been waiting, (so long)
I can't hold it back 'cause I've been waiting so long
Been waiting (so long)
Been waiting (so long)
Been waiting, I've been waiting so long

I’ve been trying to tell ya, tell ya
That we should be together everyday
Boy, you’re giving me something, something, ooh
And I'm crazy in love with all you do

’Cause you're giving me
Something, something, something, something
Something, something, something, something, yeah
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