Jessica Mauboy

"Not Me"

You say you're always on the run
But you're thinking 'bout me
You say you're working over time
But you're thinking 'bout me
You might be running outta time
Don't you worry 'bout it
So if you're ready, you're ready
Not forget about it

I know you probably think that I should take whatever you say
One day you're with me than you're gone
Get me out of the way
You got it [?] 'cause there's only so much I can take
I'm not gon' wait aroud, waiting to be treated this way

Not not not not not not me...

Call me your angel
Said you will never let me fly away
But now the flame's gone
I'll find somebody who's gon' light it again
You had me captured like a butterfly
Now I'm flying I'm flying away, away, away
Now I'm flying I'm flying away, away from you
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