Be Concerned lyrics


Tyler Joseph

[Verse 1]
(They look to me)
They look to me
Like I got all the answers
I'm human; I make mistakes
I'm emotional, I'm a Cancer
I know
Yeah I'm supposed to set the standard
But some really impress
And some barely enamor
Why'd you even make the hands if I can't touch it?
To help me stay awake knowing how much, how much I love it
I'm trying to figure my identity ID McLovin
I barely hear you speak (Hello?)
You speak, tell me something

Be concerned
Yo, be concerned
Right hеre

[Verse 2]
No music
And I could talk about anything
Whether or not it's worthwhile
It's based on who's listening
Most of us listen if it's something we can relate to
All of us relate if it's something we've just been through
Take it for granted
Trust is damaged and now we panic
Living empty-handed
Living lives like we can manage
I can't feel you, but still, know where home is feeling like Jonah did
Almost dropped the bat like every base was fully-loaded, be concerned

It's your tomorrow
Yeah, I don't care about yesterday
If you're at a crossroads, the choice is your own
To make a change
[Verse 3]
Uh, to get caught up is easy
Which makes what is believed come secondary
What You did for we is what humans call be imaginary
Right now they have it all
It's just temporary, means it's
Hit and gone
It's June, but they stuck in February, if
If You're the branch and I'm the vine
Kinda hard to live without You in my life
I still survive, so

So be concerned
You just
Be concerned
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