Panic! at the Disco

"Hey Look Ma, I Made It"

[Verse 1]
All my life, been hustlin' and
Tonight is my appraisal

'Cause I'm a hooker sellin' songs and
My pimp's a record label

This world is full of demons stocks
And bonds and bible traders

So I do the deed, get up and leave
A climber and a sadist, yeah

Are you ready for the sequel?
Ain't ready for the latest?
In the garden of evil
I'm gonna be the greatest

In a golden cathedral
I'll be praying for the faithless

And if you lose, boo-hoo

Hey look ma, I made it
Hey look ma, I made it

Everything's comin' up aces, aces
If it’s a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me
I said, “Hey look ma, I made it”
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