"Clay Pigeons"

[Intro - Sample]
The creative power working through the mind of men has produced the modern world
We have learned how to release vast sources of energy
And we've learned how to make wonderful machines that can travel around the world in a few days
All this has brought humanity under the action of immensely strong material forces
We do not dominate these forces
They dominate us
Lifе on Earth is getting more and more complicatеd every generation
There's no room for the inner life

[Verse 1 - Deca]
Back to work, separatin' grassroots from astroturf
As half-truths they try to pass off as facts emerge
Keep me tethered to the ground, bring me back to Earth
When I blast off and take my place in the galactic church
I'm tryin' to grasp light and dark's vacillations
In a white room with black curtains at the station
Cream makes the world spin like Dervishes and Daytons
And leads men astray into the serpent's machinations
With strictures and cave wall flicks to hypnotize
I eat my daily tripe with bare hands, it's undignified

The mantra on the cloven tongue of Mammon's like nails
On a chalk board inside the stomach of a white whale
Eyes popping' out the sockets
Watching profits line pockets
And the price of bought-and-sold souls skyrocket
Walk a road wrought with skulls not with gold
Fraught with signs, roadblocks and obstacles that defy logic
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