Iman Shumpert


[Verse 1]
Out the gate, I was feelin' it
Push back ten, that's a penalty
Come up on twenty, you're insolate
Go back to spendin' the killin'
I'm in love with the task at hand, I ain't failin' the mission
Whoever needed permission to do the sh*t that they enter?
Can't see through the windows so they just pokin' around
But a nosey neighbour nose get broke if they ain't holdin' it down
Keep it silent, I love you
I bleed like you bleed
If it get violent; I love you
You won't see how I see
You want see

I'm off my flow with bottled emotions
I guess we all just copin'
Please leave a sixteen open
Big screens, we'll need to hear what's spoken
No matter how it's put, we're chosen
Blowing up, it's promised
Showing up is more than enough
Find a balance, find a city—all lonesome
I guess we all just copin'
I guess we all just copin'
I guess we all just broken
I guess we all just floatin'
Tryna bury all emot

[Verse 2]
So f*ck this money up, I'm a winner
Never buy her sh*t but she can come on out for dinner
Time for her to use what her momma gave her
'Cause everything after that adds a motherf*cking layer
Hanging with them n*ggers, hanging wit' the players
Got 'em stuck on stupid while the nodding like a sayer
They just want the mula, not give them a chance
To finally be a rapper, create their own [?]

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