Ray Stevens


[Verse 1]
Late one night while driving home I stopped to use a roadside phone
To call my wife and tell her I was headed back
When somewhere out of the mist and the fog came a big deer running from a pack of dogs
And that deer ran right into the side of my Cadillac

[Verse 2]
Well, it cracked like thunder when he banged his head, the deer fell over and I thought he's dead
And it spooked the dogs and they ran back In the woods
So I picked up that deer up by his feet, laid him out real neat in my back seat
I'm thinkin' some venison stew might taste real good

That head will look real good up on my wall
What with those big antlers and all, heh, heh

[Verse 3]
Well, I started to put my car in drive when, son of a gun, he came alive
Kicking and snorting in the back of my Cadillac
Breaking windows and smashing doors and I'm not gonna say what he did on the floor
And then he jumped the seat and stomped up and down my back

[Verse 4]
Well, I was trying to stay alive so I jumped out and left the deer inside
Ran to the phone so I could call 911
Then I heard a noise and froze in my tracks, sounded like those dogs might be comin' back
And I looked up and sho-nuff here they come
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