I’m Saving Everything You Do lyrics



You're amazing and I like your style
But then it's not just your behavior
You have this way of making me alive
I hope I stay this way forever

Then it occurs to me if you should fall
Will I go tumbling after
And what if I'm feeling no good at all
Will you bring me out and could we laugh about it

Don't really know you
But I do, I do admire the art of making things go your way
But if the day should come when you cannot
I hope you'll see it as a short delay

If you ever find yourself in doubt
You can look in my direction
'Cause I'll remember, though I'll never count
And I will tell you things you've done
And maybe we'll laugh the doubt away

So if you're broken, come to me
Come to me all blue
I'm saving everything you do

So anyway I've got it down for you
I'm saving everything you do
Everything you do
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