I don't really f*ck with none of these n*ggas
(n*ggas be wishy-washy as hell, bro, for real, rats too)
(Wishy-washy as f*ck, switching up)
Yeah, for real though, n*ggas do not f*ck with me
n*ggas do not f*ck with us for real, bro
(Fake f*cking with*t, I told y'all about fake f*cking with me)
We do not f*ck with y'all
Don't try to f*ck with me now, it's too late
(Don't do that sh*t, I don't like you)
(Turn me up, Big E)

All the rocks dancing up on my wrist, you could ice skate on this sh*t
These b*tches want a relationship, lil' baby, we don't even click (Uh)
n*ggas be holdin' grudges over hoes that the whole damn hood done hit
How the f*ck I'ma have time to beef with you? I still got money to get (Racks)
3400, that's TTB in case a n*gga wanna see me (34, 34)
I done told these hoes I'm not like candy, lil' b*tch, can't be sweet (Uh-uh)
Guess who cut my hair? A demon barber, lil' Todd Sweeney (For real)
These lil' f*ck n*ggas weenie, that lil' b*tch on my weenie (My weenie)
Okay, can't be little like you, lil' boy, can't be no meeny (Teeny)
My lil' b*tch, she a mean girl, white Regina George, she a meanie (Meanie)
I got to it, ain't make no wishes, lil' b*tch, I ain't need no genie (No genie)
Diamonds on my fingers, sippin' that dirty, raise my pinky (Lean)
n*ggas be on the 'Gram all day tryna prove how street they seemin' (pus*y)
I can't look up to n*ggas 'cause they pus*y, that's how it's seemin' (b*tch)
n*ggas be tryna convince they fans, make 'em really believe it
Actin' like you catching bodies, I can't even believe it (Goofy)
I'm tellin' you, man, these n*ggas ain't live it, these n*ggas just rap about it (Goofy)
These n*ggas be bullsh*ttin', they they put on facades and cap about it (Goofy)
b*tches tryna sleep on me now on my di*k, took a nap up on it
f*ckin' that b*tch from the back, yeah, she gon' take a nap about it
Fauni Figueroa (Bans), you better go ask about him
I pull up, I pull up, I pull up, I vroom off, you better go ask about it (Vroom)
Gettin' to these bands, I didn't have to ask about it
Runnin' up these racks, I didn't have to ask about it
I never did ask about it (Uh-uh)
These n*ggas, they pus*y, they fallin' off, I never did ask about it (Never did ask)
I'm minding my business, I'm gettin' my own, I never will ask about it (Never will ask)
Gettin' that cash, stacking it up, I'm getting them racks about it (Gettin' them racks)
Collectin' the sacks about it, collecting them bags about it (Bags)
Securing that bag and f*ck up that bag, then go get a bag about it (Bag)
Yeah, been about it ('Bout it)
Money, I been about it ('Bout it)
That cash, I been about it ('Bout it)
The racks, I been about it ('Bout it, 'bout it)
Been about it ('Bout it)
That money, I been about it ('Bout it)
These n*ggas, they pus*y, ain't 'bout it
These n*ggas ain't shootin', ain't 'bout it (Ain't 'bout it)
We pull up, we vroomin', we 'bout it (We 'bout it)
I pull out, do donuts, I'm 'bout it (b*tch, I been 'bout it)
I pull, I vroom, lil' gone in the wind, yeah, burnin', I'm 'bout it (b*tch, I been 'bout it)
Yeah, burn out, I'm 'bout it (b*tch, I been 'bout it)
Burn out and burn out, we 'bout it ('Bout it)
Burn out and burn out, we 'bout it (We 'bout it)
Shoot, uh, ooh, click, clack, yeah, we 'bout it (Yeah, we 'bout it)
Keepin' them packs, we 'bout it (We 'bout it)
Movin' them sacks, we 'bout it (b*tch know we 'bout it)
Gettin' them racks, we 'bout it (We 'bout it)
All of my n*ggas, we 'bout it

(Turn me up, Big E)

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