"Representin Canada"

Were gonna do a song, that you've never heard before

I wanna make you feel bugger
Studied on the cliffs off [?]
(Way easy, on the next plane)
Mic Gutz, let's go, match out to Robbie G IRM
Swollen members, they represent Canada whaddaup
The piece of moi la, they dont [?]
With the [?] headband and the beats in my [?]

[Verse 1]
Yeah show you how i put my heart in this
Everyday it started with a thank you
'Cause i never thought I'd get as far as i did
In the timе that i had, with the rhymes on the pad
I thank y'all for thе inspiration, gave me motivation
To make more [?] in the older ways
Soldiers brave enough to wage war, straighfor'
Who never loved him back
Dont procrastinate, no time to wait for opportunities to pass
This your moment, its given now will you take it?
Im not out to make a million just to meet a million faces (Hello)
And its the way the world works, money talks
And you should know, its not about how good you are Its who you know
And truly this the way the game is, which is why
A lot of these rappers, are untalented and still famous
I'll tell ya how it is and make heaven in the [?]
Live reality CD, allow me to welcome you in
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