"Ryda vs. Prez Mafia"

[Round 1: Prez Mafia]
I know it's obvious how I got involved and proceed through the rook
’cause he gon' say that I needed him
n*gga, I been eager to cook
Since the Tez battle I got thirty'd, and I just needed a look
And then they gave me you, well the nerve of that sh*t
Baow! Twork reaction; you needed the push
I left Smack, he played the b*tch
That’s how I knew you was afraid
You're not the rider type, but the writer type, that Google sh*t for days
You ask Siri how to rap, boo', numerous of ways
Being Goonies wasn't enough, now you're moving with the Cave?
I was a fool to think you'd stay
And it was rude to give you faith
Cuz in a movie they ain't leave one Goonie in the cave! Woosah!
Lately the culture been wildin', I don’t like the noise
This new era got angry fans that’s unbiased tryin' to pipe a boy
And this dude from the X caliber will homi’ you, a'ight
Metal from head to toe
n*gga, that's a hidden bar
For being on the cam a lot, and front, and this gonna be body of the night (knight)
Wasn't you reppin’ We Go Hard?
n*gga please don't save him
Against the n*gga Fetty he repped the Army and I heard [?] don't claim 'em
But Smack, that sh*t facts beat haymakers, and even Beas don't claim 'em
He Colin Kaepernick, not because of the knee, but his own league don't claim 'em
You wanted to battle Big Terrance?
Yo I mean I ain't even gonna lie, I don't even rock with him, son
But that n*gga T, he'll give you one round and you're done
What you gonna do when Chillackaboo start to ride with a drum
n*gga we seen you peanut butter jelly time with a gun
He loco
n*gga I said I load fours, so the Desert'll help
I did this sh*t for my guys, it's like Christmas for the blind; all my presence is felt
See, Ryda ran, for 'bout a mile
The n*gga said he need help
But his brain beat him down the block, he got ahead of his self
I'm not done
I can see it in your eyes, you a whole b*tch
This whole battle, remember Myspace pics, I'mma own this
The fo' fifth, I load it
In the crib of your old b*tch
Shoutout to Nu Born, but I missed the crib; I was homesick
So point me to the direction to where the gloves be, ock
See Ryda been b*tchin' about the time that he been ducked, please stop
Dig this, what I planned (plant) for you, oh it's a ugly plot
And it's growth, see I realized that let's son (sun/lesson) be hot, when the situation arose on what the f*ck we got
n*gga, baow! and I peddled off, like 'she love me not'
This n*gga
You think that cuz you with to Urban Plaza you doing better than me?
Let's look at our climb to greatness
n*gga what do you see?
I made main stage off one PG, n*ggas knew they couldn't mess with me
Shout to Wavy, me and him singlehandedly started Born Legacy
Some say that I lost that day
Some say that I lost that battle, but I got called by BET and had fund with my peers
n*gga you on every battle on URL and had to sit for a year
But he been out on Urban Plaze though, got him thinking that he better
But he went missing and that was the worst battle Royal Rumble ever, f*ck outta here
f*ck outta here
But if that got you feeling better, then cool
Cuz he never lost on URL
I must admit it was true
See, I got a body when it mattered the most, I admit that I lose
But moral of the story is, heh, I'm still doing better than you
What's crazy is I ain't even start punching, he's so lucky
Dope moves
I'm in the field with a sleeve, it's so rugby
Got a gun, nothing but ratchet rounds, it's so Dougy
Gun connect, I be pushing them arms like don't touch me
You a lost pup, Smack said that you was lost when he found you
Well that's how you lure a n*gga in, you'll think Urkel's around you
A bunch of n*ggas with purpose around you
f*ck a hidden bar, that was a hidden performance; n*gga, I just rapped circles around 'em
Woosah n*gga!

[Round 2: Prez Mafia]
n*ggas said they want that old Prez back
Well aight, this is it, Mike Jack
I'm in the mix, brace ya self
Your chest cavity'll get caved in, pus*y
Watch your mouth before I dent ya sh*t
This timid b*tch handle clips like filet, that's fish and grits
.40 bang, I shoot what's under the hood, and watch all you (oil) change
I done flip the whip
That was light
On a scale from one to ten, that sh*t was ehh
But direct bars, they hurt more and you the shook man type
Oh you Cave, where this fire round will (wheel) change the way you look at life
Your hard bars, n*gga please
Betchu I get through this round
Your hard bars, betchu I get through this round, Shawshank
f*ck an investment
We pitch to marks and Cubans, Shark Tank
Y'all all fakes
You cannot stop Prez when he's cooking
You better boat, cuz what I write in my pad'll (paddle) drown you or I can keep pushing
What you want?
f*ck you talking about
What you want? a peace treaty or for war to (water) exist?
Cuz you'll die trying to stay afloat, that's just the current events
See, Prez was way more than bars
That's the sh*t that I was about
Performance god, I lost myself and the sh*t that I was 'bout
You be that n*gga in the window creeping to get out
Now you think you tough cause uncle Smack let you out the house
I'm like, old Prez is back, why did I switch up
See I'm the forefather of a style and I never got bigged up
And you don't have the it factor, Brianna; give it up
Cuz when it's time to ride, I ride, or Ryda get sent up
Wait wait wait wait, I know you're looking at me like, wait wait wait
The b*tch-- well I said when it's time to ride, alright, a ride'll get sent up
I said yo, I said the n*gga Prez is on your turf, straight dumbin'
He got the call, like; "the n*gga Prez is on your turf, straight dumbin'"
I don't catch you, your moms'll get it in the worse way, f*ck it
n*gga, I will do a number with them arms like birthday punches
But I had to black
This the first one of the year
It's the one of the year
But they gave me you
You know, to be honest this was one of my peers
I got the hammer in the venue, I put my gun in the air
Then bow! bow! bow!
I tell his whole cub to come here
It ain't right
I spent Ryda life with the next big chrome
And then tossed the gun, 'cause I can't keep still, it's like Tourette syndrome
Is that enough?
Big sh*t with extensions that come attached
Fresh out the box, as you step, sh*t pop; it's bubble wrap
But enough of that
Yo, I got more I gotta give brethren, so hurry up with them biter lines
'cause this just my second, round two
Just get murked when the clips disperse
Now it's time for that...
Nah, cuz it still gets worse
Don't allow that
No, we don't allow rats
This n*gga's cocha
Either front, or that brake or the kickback will (wheel), this sh*t a stroller
'bout that
Hold up
This sh*t is over
'bout that, team full of wild cats
That's Villanova
Yo I could take a bar that your man here said and do it colder
I leave you up side with ya inside out, La vida Loca
n*gga, f*ck you mean
But guess what, I like to name my guns too, Ryda
Whether you like it or not
This one gun named OG, it's more than likely to pop
The other gun named rebuttal, it go right off the top
But the sh*t at home, Dish Network; I set a light (satellite) at the top
This n*gga dead
This n*gga food
Nobody wanted leftovers but I take it
Your last battle wild basic
Utter a word
I brought this sh*t up from a calve (calf), but this live stock (livestock), I'm cal (cow) raising
Whatever n*gga scared to mention, I'll say it
Blood on a gun, I gave a cat a gory four (Category 4), it was groundbreaking
I got a bar that's gonna have yo ass trouble for real
You'll remember this?
"John John, Prez Mafia, double the steel"
Okay Pippen, I kinda like that bar, so I ain't tripping
Juelz and Ryda, they both rock big caps, but they weigh (way) different
A lot of n*ggas be talking with no proportioned sh*t
But you even gotta pay a price when you die
You heard of coffins, b*tch
It's f*ck the world twice, n*gga
Seems unfortunate, but if I'm such a di*k, hop off of it
Warning, b*tch

[Round 3: Prez Mafia]
Ay yo, shut the f*ck up
You just wanna be seen with the ones that's hot
You're not a gangster, you hang with them so he don't catch the shot
I'll drop that lead, n*gga, they won't even see you in the box
Drop Dead Fred, n*gga they won't even believe you in a box
Yo, matter of fact, yo' b*tch ass, we was supposed to battle a while back, motherf*cker
The hype bouncing, time to give me my style back, motherf*cker
Jaz and Mike, n*gga that's his life, he won't be nowhere without them motherf*ckers
Cuz you clap 'em in a coma
But I clap him right back out that motherf*cker
You a die
He said why would you clap him out of the coma?
Yeah, he looked he alive
I said the sh*t baffle
I said this kid baffled
I'm rolling up with something with a big barrel
.50 cal, if it jam, I'm throwing the sh*t at you
This battle, it's nothing but cold asylums, a ward winter (award winner)
Mac burst, sh*t gon' be Shaq birth; I'm a born center (sinner)
n*gga, this is only Prez on a eight, my fault that it's not a ten
But I'm a gangster, n*gga I'll die, come back and I'll die again
f*ck you mean

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