"Tink Da Demon vs. Dre Dennis"

[Round 1: Dre Dennis]
Y'all ready?
Anger management is something you gotta deal with
f*ck what the rest think
T-Rex, but when I dine, I soar (dinosaur); I'll eat ya flesh, Tink
Some predators kill animals 'till there's no more left, Tink
Ya species is now endangered, I'll leave you X'd, Tink (extinct)
This is Jersey vs Delaware, oh you brought the 302?
Bet they ain't know you about to get 3-0'd too
Cus I'll get his cat his (hiss) fix, but that ain't new (neuter) to me
When this Jersey n*gga let bullets surf, bet he'll be suing me
Them hollows out, he said "uh oh!", he turned to Lumidee
The [?] kick, from everybody, now that's gratuity
Ya squad is run by a bird, and that's ya bro 'Steen
Y'all stay at the top of the conference, but still no rings, y'all couldn't stand the heat
That killed ya whole dreams
Y'all like the Pacers, cus losing PG'll f*ck up ya whole team
I hold steams, that time is up, that means that your time is up
I'll spray 'em, with a nine, a must, these bullets is anonymous, no names on 'em
You ain't with this trauma stuff
Like thinking about mom naked while getting pus*y, you ain't tryin' to bust
I blam eights
This battle bout to f*ck up ya fanbase
I'm Ron Artest, all these punches right in yo' fan's face
I'll f*ck this b*tch up to show T. D. ain't a damn Jake
You the Demon?
Well we know the devil was just a damn snake
I'll lift sir up (syrup), on top of these rounds, you want some pancakes?
But when I give your roll a blade, it ain't a damn skate
My squad is reckless, n*gga damn straight
We'll clap then look the other way, that's the Fresh Prince handshake
Yo, you a Demon on Saturday and Sunday, because you pray on the week (prey on the weak)
But would you do that to Chris Bosh? A big man that stay with the Heat
If I came with the piece, would you stay on the streets?
I'll illustrate how you'll be, cus I can sketch your type and you would skate on a sneak
Dre on the beats
I sit these freshmen down
I'll red shirt ya crew
This clip so long I think I heard it loop
I'm loading heat outta luck, so (Lux so) I'll wave caps like I'm Murda Mook
Then get that four and (foreign) point forward like Türkoğlu, I'm merking you
You got a phantom, well I'mma leave you holy and then ghostin'
I'mma smoke 'em, make 'em hit the glass, ironic that I'm toasting
Your future's promising
But promises were meant to be broken
So I'll air a shell like I'm trying to hear the ocean
I said, you look like Poison Pen with braids, cut 'em off
It ain't 2004
Your braids look like a hair net, and you trying to war?
Well I'll get a ladder then cut that neck, then rip it until ya mind is torn
Then wear it 'round my neck like a n*gga just won the Final Four
I'm fat cause I'm hungry
You starving, you don't eat
Closed mouths don't get fed, and n*gga you don't speak
Basing a whole battle over size is so weak
Cause what they call you when you heavy, wait, obese

[Round 1: Tink Da Demon]
Welcome to the PGs, my n*gga
Salute to us
Let me take Norbes' advice, and loosen up
Toolie tucked, I bring that four closer
And put everything under ya roof up for foreclosure
And watch the body drop, soul glow
It be on the floor resting, fluorescent, that means lit from within
I'm here to prove to y'all n*ggas that I'm different than him
See, I was named after a f*cking king
And him?
In third person
So I'll be that third person and play Andre Dennis, and reroute the linin' in ya mouth
Then let eight ball in ya brain, [?] consignment to ya scalp
And let the whole crowd watch as a ladder get to climbin' out ya mouth
Just for thinking you the truth, you get your pall pierced (Paul Pierced), you hear me?
I said, just for thinking you the truth, you get your pall pierced (Paul Pierced)
Wrist chopped, relieved of that wrist watch
Just so I can show you exactly what time it is
Then I let a chopper sing on stage like Frankie Lymon did
Extendo in that .40, I nicknamed that b*tch E-40, I c*ck back and give this look alike a E-40
(Tink claps) three fourths of E-40, that's thirty, now the other ten just out here tryin' to function
So I get it jumpin' in ya bae area, Candice, the one that carried the new born
If I miss, I tryin to bury the new born
Sternum shot, sternum shot, sternum shot
[?] if she carry a new born
Kill you, it's either her or the baby
Docs'll pull the plug, and still miscarry the new born
But by the slimmest chance, if that baby live
In no time, I'm wherever that baby live
Dressed in all black, standing over that baby crib
Punching that baby head
Until I give that baby SIDS
What playing crazy get you
Crazy got you anti-freeze in yo' baby bottle
You still stuck on that last line, SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Then I send chrome in his mother' direction
I'm talking big sh*t, trying to break his mother in sections
All you see is body parts and a big worm in a blood puddle, that's his mother's intestines
I'm explosive, I can be a government weapon
I text papi more cheese, like I'm trying to give my plug indigestion
It's the king of the fat n*ggas, the real life hammer squeezer
Let's see if Dre can outperform three rounds of anesthesia
Keep ya eyes open, or get a eye stolen without removing no bifocals
I'll have ya medulla oblongata and cerebellum and and anti-social and force you to rep the garden from the vegetable state
I'll sell a head, hand and feet
Then rent a centre and get the sectional straight
Proof ain't nothin' in Jersey shore but a Jersey Shore, n*gga my style good
I'll have ya ancestors wave six flags after I f*ck ya b*tch and beat the whole house with a bat, I'm givin' wild wood
And I left the stock home, on my way to that nice house in Longside
If I catch this n*gga lawn side
I'mma let a bullet sail 'em to Elizabeth from three bridges whole
Stockholm, Longside, Salem, Elizabeth, Three Bridges
If a bullet out this bird fly, third eye, you'll see different, feel different, be different
I'll turn your body to a bucket of ashes and have it sea drifting
Coast guards, sea diving 'em
Four days looking for bone marrow, it's sea sickening
How they come up at the end of the search, in the end it was sea sickness
Here's a few things you probably should know
I'm getting colder, I done really zombie'd a flow
I'll pull out [?] and make me a [?]

[Round 2: Dre Dennis]
Tink, you a b*tch!
Yo I'm proper when I talk my sh*t, n*gga that's Braxton
I ain't psychic, but if I say it, it's gon' happen
He'll tell a n*gga who blast 'em, then see 'em, dap 'em while laughing
Like old kung fu movies, yo words don't match ya actions
Ayo this slave hoe like Jango, he wanna silence D
Like a b*tch titty control, I can balance these (Ds)
Your body ice cold after I buck it, who tryin' challenge me?
I know the rules, if I don't do it in a day, then the fun is up
But that don't mean it's over
I still owe you a hundred bucks
He keep a ugly b*tch, he like "it ain't about the looks"
She dirty but he's filthy, so he eat around the tush
She showed me her hairy pus*y, I wasn't impleased by how it looked
But I ain't wanna be straight forward, so I beat around the bush
I'm like Tommy Pickles' brother, I'm a big deal (Dil)
Y'all fake, but these G's us (Jesus), this strap is real (Israel)
This fifth will, come [?], I'm [?] it, like it's the fifth wheel
I always keep a toy in the bag, I'll give ya kids mills (meals)
Sit still, like you in a barber chair, then I sit steel (still)
I'm with that white girl, man let me find out his lips sealed (Seal)
Nah, for that white girl, I'll pop him and leave his sh*t sealed (Seal)
Nah f*ck a knife, I use a hollow to get this b*tch killed
So when it nail, he uncut, I let that tip drill
That sh*t's real
This is fat on fat crime
You ain't balling big b*tch, let me teach you the fundamentals
See ya fast was ya outlet, but you made a transition dishing the rock out
Now big man insist on posting up to hold his block down
But when we double team you, you better make all ya shots now
Cause if you miss and we catch you on the rebound, you getting boxed out
You got no picks if you drive iny my lane, n*gga stupid
Two techs'll take you out the game where you hooping
What I came with is ruthless (roofless)
I told the Loud Boys to three man weave
That mean the first n*gga pass is the same n*gga shooting
Stay in ya lane or the flame will enter sections (intersections)
I borrow my boy A-R-D, we'll get to cheffing
When he fall, I'm king with this pain, forget the weapon
I'll start marching like Martin, then get to steppin'
Cause his b*tch don't wanna be himself, I guess he roleplayin
A chest shot'll put his heart in the air, n*gga that's Soul Plane
Y'all n*ggas p*ss me off cus y'all so lame
But like Space Jam water, what I got bottled up can change the whole game
My guys hound 'em
But I found 'em
If I pop kid and drop 'em, I Mike Brown'd 'em
I might drown 'em
Or I might down 'em
In the streets with two arms up, I Mike Brown 'em
I would kill 'em some more, but I'm a innocent
And got a membership
And regardless man, Dre up in this b*tch
Loud Boys

[Round 2: Tink Da Demon]
It's Tink Da Demon vs Ah Di Dennis
I mean Dre Boom
You wasn't the first one to copy the cat
But word to my n*gga [?], I'm gon' do a part with you
Then leave with part of you
I've come to question every gun bar you brought tonight my n*gga
You choked five times in front of the real Arsonal
You got me f*cked up
I feel like I could f*ck Lux up
When you got this PG, you had the whole South Jersey thinking you lucked up
Guess what, it's Friday the 26th, n*gga ya luck's up
Road block, I am bad luck in the worst way
Twin Desi's got a three round burst, I call it bird spray
Jet, cus if I scramble and let a vic go from these eagles, it ain't a bird's play
First state, Wilmington
We increase the murder rate
You know me, I started approaching them jewels (Jews) with the German face
Scalpel on me, open ya back and play jingle with the vertebrae
'till the sternum ache
Then I beat head with the butt of the gun until the burner break
Okay okay okay, enough with the Demon
Let's get to know Tink, he be punching and schemin
Through the states literally, like last week I met a b*tch named Diana
She was from Virginia, long story short, by the end of the night I was in Diana (Indiana)
As soon as I hopped out, I jumped in the Lexus
I met two more b*tches, gave they number
Goofy, they was like Utah, Texas
Main thing I start thinking, outta nowhere, no matter what city, state, road, island, I'm repping Delaware
Semi tucked
I heard your little brother gay as a bird
I wonder if he miss his sippy cup
My man Rio, and his man Cal, a foreigner
They saw some sh*t so pure, I had to send it back for the connect to cut
But see, if I owe a n*gga, me and George'll ID a hoe and his clique in the first ten I see
We aim North, the code of the streets is heavy
Big sh*t, semi toter
Dump a Sprite can in ya face then give ya men a soda
In no time, you gon be as cold as Alaska
If I air a zone, a AR can saw off four ligaments off
And blow an organ out
Whichever ligament hit the floor it a (Florida) need a prosthetic replacement
House hammer, lead in my attic, lead in the basement
I put ya flesh on my flesh, when the metal embrace it
I came to 3-9 Dre agony
The Andre madden me
And put him in a box, like some Andre Agassi's
Everybody got a thing with the devil
Norbes is the reason that Andre summoned
He wanna be the center of attention, till he get p*ssed on like Andre Drummond
Heard you a hater
Here's what a hater
Bullet skip across the top of yo' head
Doc's'll staple it
I for real get at you to show that Dr Dre ain't the only Dr Dre that know how to close and deal with apples
This is a son of a bast*rd versus the son of a pastor
An inspirational school teacher versus a motivational tool speaker
I send n*ggas to the grave, and it's principle
You send n*ggas to detention, and the principal
A Teletubby, a undecided body, probably got in the way of ya sport dreams
So you sit at the house and play 2K14 and come up with sport schemes
It ain't enough
It's Tink Da Demon, the wide body
Ay, Demon...

[Round 3: Dre Dennis]
Before, you was blazing like Dame and let me weigh
You used to air sh*t
Then got one groupie
And started wifing, kid, and stop the care, sh*t
Now junior wouldn't got bigheaded and can't prepare sh*t
So this b*tch change and went light, now that's clear (Claire) switch
You can get picked and cot in (cotton) some sh*t
It's like you enslaved, big trays, keep 'em waiste deep
Like I'm Larenz Tate, you run ya mouth?
We'll run in ya house
And then we'll invade
Then I will tie you down on yo' b*tch, so now y'all engaged
Ironic that's some words [?] can leave you engraved (in graved)
c*ck the nine
Like granny at church, I get the stock and rise
His b*tch is by his side, Chris Paul, that clip'll drop a dime
So come singular
If y'all plural, well I'mma pop his guys
It's like I added I-E-S, I got you dropping, why?
You add I-E-S, you drop a Y
n*gga please be real
Jesus said peace be still
So my piece be still (steel)
Put up ya guard then (garden)
What's I'm eating (Eden) is fruit, hah
This sh*t shameful
I'll come at 'em (Adam) to get even (Eve and)
Remind you of they kid angels
Cus we should be brothers in Christ
But I'll backstab 'em if he gets hateful
And leave him walking with a cane (Cain) since he disable (diss Abel)
And n*ggas say they got me here, please stop
Y'all still waiting for Dre to drop, Detox
Ya b*tch ain't got faith, she mad because I freak thots
It ain't a biggie, if I want her back, I'll just beat box
Committing murder in the first degree, before I got my first degree
I'm hood smart and book smart, but y'all act like it hurts to be
So y'all praise n*ggas that only know these guns and SIGss
But I'm soft for tryin' to educate y'all dumbass kids?
Well I'mma work at your kid's school
I'm they teacher, we in a small class
I'll slice his daughter throat for leaving without a hall pass
Shot one of his sons, the other just cried and called "dad!"
A teacher's policy is "no child left behind", that mean they all pass
You think I'm soft cause I got on glasses?
Like you thirsty on instagram, I make you follow ratchets
So they tingle in yo spine
No bodies
Keith Sweat ass n*gga
I'm fat cause I'm hungry
You starving, you don't eat
Closed mouths don't get fed, and n*gga you don't speak
Basing a whole battle over size is so weak
Cause what they call you when you heavy, wait, obese

[Round 3: Tink Da Demon]
I finally get to smoke me a Loudboy
Cause see, all the rest of em Reggie
I put his brains on the curb flip whenever you ready
It had the whole block thinking that they stepped in spaghetti
See, it's the demon
I'm the only one that can make Death smile
I open ya chest valve
And fill it with reptiles
Each round like a episode of the X-Files
Speaking of X-Files
Brizz proved that V-A can't
I load this pistol full of parking meters and leave that parking lot V-A can't (vacant)
206 bones in ya body, I get to breakin' sh*t
Small cuts reaching inside and start taking sh*t
Bone collecting
Trying to clean house like a home inspection
I bang a rusty nail through each knee and get a bone infection
I never ate school lunch, school teacher
I will take the meat from the cafeteria and feed it to my pitbulls
What y'all ain't catch that?
I said I take the meat from his calf interior and feed it to my pitbulls
This make perfect sense
Cus see I could've caught this body sooner
But there's levels to this sh*t, right
And before I can body Ahdi in December, I gotta body Ahdi junior
Well okay then
For a chance at a top tier, we gon' go to war for that
I'mma raise doubt in the mind of ya fanbase, like "yeah, what would he sound like if he gave Ahdi his performance back?
Wow Dre"
Back up, this meat body
I'm Miyagi, I can show how Dre
I'm blatant evil, so when I jack he channel (Jackie Chan) little Shao Dre
It ain't a sequel
Literally, the Karate Kids, it wasn't a sequel
n*gga you got two choices
I c*ck back and let this shotty injure ya
Or give you lipo, then stab you in your hypothalumus
That's the sh*t that controls hunger and body temperatures
I'm on my bullsh*t
They done put a real life demon vs a fake as New Jersey Devil
You get buried on foreign land with a New Jersey shovel
And a three quarter inch carving in ya chest that says "New Jersey love you"
You my n*gga before and after this, but right now, f*ck you
And I would scream f*ck Jersey, but I f*ck with Jersey
So when I scream f*ck Jersey, I just mean your part
Y'all half
Bring me some real beef
I got a big cal (cow), you see what I can do to a small calf, ho
Small calf
I can let this holy hammer baptize him like a small calf
Catholic or Christian, small calf
Or I got this big cal, then small calf
Like what I said, I'll feed them to my pitbull earlier, that's small calf
You want pause who?
This flow can part waters, what the f*ck is a tsunami?
What, I gotta put him in subtitles or something? He punani
I pop up to his house in a three, with two Thommies
You got a couple million views, but no true bodies
How the f*ck is you top tier?
Time you put in the only reason you got there
I don't write, this mind has no boundaries
In no time, I'mma start surrounding that top tier
Dark Side, Hunger Games, n*gga we clan swarmers
I got a gun so real, when I clutch it, my hand warmer
c*ck it and blam on ya
I turn Tsunami Surf into Tsunami the Transformer
Bigger tall waterfall, I take Mr. Urn an' Ash and reduce him to a urn and ash
Cus he be reaching the most
It's crazy how he can go from speaking on a Demon to speaking to ghost
Unpause, I'm f*cking you up
It's the Hunger Games
If I woulda ran through Jersey the same time Sandy did, it woulda made sense if she brought hurricane, ho
Hurricane? like a crippled b*tch, get her a cane
Or like how we refer to the weather outside, you know hurricane?
Or like how we refer to that dope, I mean that boy and that girl, him a dope and her a cane
Now either I'm reaching, or that's a triple entendre
Nine Llama
You'll be another dead leader or somethin' like Osama
Who sayin' ho?
Hussein, like the battle rapper 845_Whosane?
Saddam Hussein?
Or not being in your right state of mind, who sane?
n*gga who's sane (sayin')?
You throw it off
Your style, I mean his style, so soft
Played out
Chubby n*ggas, kung fu fighting on stage, like a gay spouse
EJ Johnson, cut it out
That's Magic Johnson' son
The faggot one
That sh*t only work when you winning
I f*ck ya lay up
This half a moon'll send Earth in ya linen
Y'all surfin' 'em children
The nerve of 'em children
I'm a walking Amber Alert, I kidnap, murder 'em children
I'll feed 'em a biscuit
Then let a mac pat 'em all on the back, like I'm burping 'em children
Hunger Games

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