"Geechi Gotti vs. Nu Jerzey Twork"

[Round 1: Geechi Gotti]
We got Geechi Gotti versus....
n*gga you pull a gun out on me and don't use it I'ma kill you n*gga
Straight like that
I'm still p*ssed off n*ggas seen me movin' out the way like that
But see you did it for clout
I gave n*ggas the benefit of the doubt
Cause in them situations, you was supposed to clear that b*tch out
But then...when your car got shot up
You my n*gga so I said, "f*ck whoever done that."
But then I started thinkin' like, "Where was that gun at?
Why you ain't let none clap?"
See n*ggas ain't scared to let it go on you and that's dumb facts
Cause shootin' at you is like battle rap for these industry dudes
It's no fire come back
n*gga I run rap
It's time to keep it G with these punks
They say this a match for the top spot, I don't see it as such
I'm the back to back Champ, he ain't even in the top three we discuss
But lettin' you live this long was my mistake
So after this, sh*t gonna get a lot clearer
Y'all ain't even catch that
I said "my mistake" that meant this my era (error)
I done battled the best Shine, JC
sh*t, even me and Nitty had to bang
I'm talkin' Arsonal, O-Red, even laid down the Wave
I'm talkin' John John, Ill Will, had Ms. Fit fallin' on the stage
Big T, Chess, Ave, Tay Roc with the change
During The Strike I put Top down screamin' 'Money Ain't A Thang'
I made this sh*t crack again
I'm the reason n*ggas wanted to start livin' they bars
But they keep givin' you my credit
That's why I'm the n*gga with a chip on this card
I will grab a blade and chop ya family up
Ya girl, ya mama, then he go after
Grab ya little new born then I saw the baby (DaBaby) like the Detroit rapper
I'm a real life factor
I ain't just speakin' bars
Face shot, hole in (holdin') his chin like he thinkin' hard
The king of bars, plus in these streets I'm active
Shoot 'til it click when a n*gga blast it
b*tch my Sig' (cig') been smokin' so long I could've ashed it
Y'all n*ggas remember when I said I had the gun like this?
Both hands double dribblin'
Crazy sh*t
But now I got one on the handle and one right up under the nose when I'm blazin' it
With that Heat I'm D. Wade
Steady questionin' myself on how I raised the b*tch
Crazy sh*t
Raise the fifth, spray 30, I play dirty
Funeral, ya home, go and turn Twork to an away Jersey
He ain't worthy
f*ck the lames, Mafia, I put my own team on jersey, it's custom made
It ain't a f*ckin' game
Y'all put him against a dome splitter
Chrome lifter
Junior's bachelor party
Y'all done put twerk (Twork) in front of the wrong n*gga
30 stick, long clipper
Get hit when I blast it
Twork (twerk) fall from the pole like the stripper in Dallas
Since I've been spazzin', I make mo' than what the vets make
Back shot, spine on the flo'
It drop before the disc came out like cassette tapes
Grab him by the throat, his neck break
He died with his eyes wide like Rex on that sex tape
This n*gga stay recyclin' bars, and y'all be cool with that
That's why when they ask me 'bout this battle I was doubtin' if bro worthy
Show up with any of that old Jazz, it's gon' feel like a mountain on jersey (Jerzey)
'Bout to do him dirty with non effort
I can drop 30 even if I slack with Jersey (Jerzey) like Tom Sheppard
Above The Rim
Don't make me flip you, they done put the Crip on you
Against 'Tez, y'all seen me put shells in they ese
Now I'm finna get you damaged, I shoot cannon
Over the body with the sweeper standin' up, it ain't The Broom Challenge
Y'all think dude savage?
But his hands too shakey to handle the Glock, that's the difference
I leave n*ggas shakin' like that after the shot
Aye, you beat up Norbes?
I really don't care
I'm just tryin' to figure out what that mean to a n*gga that really clap things
Shoot him, his body shut down
Blood stream f*cked up worser than Caffeine
And when it's real...y'all can tell
(Y'all can see it they in they eyes
It's yo' turn make n*ggas believe them lies
n*gga, time)

[Round 1: Nu Jerzey Twork]

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