"Danny Myers vs. Drugz"

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
I ain’t wanna take this bag, but I'ma kill you, and I'ma make it fast
The minute they gave me a trailer for Drugz I knew he’d be Breaking Bad
Let’s make this crystal, I pushed this battle twice, not cause he scared me
But I had to say no to Drugz...then they DARED me
Therapy, this intervention comes set with a price
His family gathered, giving speeches how Drugz affected their life
My skills come second to Christ, he might see Heaven now
I’m a god amongst mеn that’ll likely severе crowns
Fans view this battle and think I might be steppin’ down
But I’m using Drugz to get to bigger cards like Mike P second round
You got this battle cause they canceled me versus Will, bruh feel the facts
You was a stand in on Born Legacy 10, and I done peeled it back
They rebooked me versus Will, I’m still obligated to come kill this cat
It’s crazy I got out the dope game, and I’m still doing Drug deals with SMACK
I feel the flak for taking you
I beat legends with everlasting fame
This ain’t Tenet, stop acting like the protagonist never had a name
Besides, I’m here to get this peon sharper
This battle is the highlight of your life and I’m the neon marker
He’s beyond bothered, lyrically I’m a phenom author
The last wave of battle rappers you can see I fathered
The Parallel Universe, I done heard it flipped eight ways
They say, before there was Drugz I was the gateway
Mainstage book Jeruz, but get you for a cheaper rate
Twork (twerk) gon' always be part of yo’ legacy like Lisa Raye
You finna bleed today, blade tucked, I get up on you then it raise up
My knife the vaccine, Drugz get the whole side of his face stuck
You gon' say what?
We got machetes, them Twitter fingers get chopped at
He tweeted some sh*t he wasn’t supposed to say, then he got hacked
Glock clap, pop the banger, you in all kinda danger
Hydro shock hollow tip bullet in the Llama chamber
I’m a dominator, last few classics I’m the common denominator
Yet and still Champion Of The Year don’t nominate him
They gotta hate him, but the fans revere me like I’m a savior
Y’all favorite are duckin’ me, I’m the reason Surf became a commentator
I’ll address the drama later
My wife and kids, them lame angles bore me
We not in the same dimension...you got nothin’ for D (4D)
Of course we, can shoot it out, give a f*ck if his child ‘round
Loud pound, all in his face knockin’ this clown down
Better tone that bass, all in my space rockin’ a wild style
I put duct tape around his mouth I can surround sound
This wasn’t even hooked up right
They say this lame a writer
Every time I see 'em he got on gang attire
Wait, "surround sound?"
"Ain’t hooked up right?"
Cause when ya surround sound ain’t hooked up right you see a bunch of hangin’ wires-
You can’t even hang with Myers, bang the fire
Metal in ya mouth, the taste acquired
n*ggas act like having a pen in battle rap ain’t required
We ain’t got the same desire, you worried about who name is higher
I write cold (code) to show you it’s levels like game designers
Ya brain is minor, the thang will fire
You on the ground with this sh*t-
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