"Danny Myers vs. Eazy Da Block Captain"

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
He talk all these prison stories, he ain't just one of these rappin' n*ggas
Y'all f*ck with em cause y’all feel his pain, he passion driven
But I told Eazy he a b*tch ass n*gga, I'll take it past the limits
I'll have a Somalian stab him with a screwdriver, now he's Captain Phillips
Beasley co sign you, Smack stand behind you rap
In public, f*ck it, get behind this Smack
Pow from the hand of God
Overshadowin' a man with odds
The average Human couldn't view between this set of eyes
I'm the Prince of Persia, I'll turn hour glass time and sand combines
But even in reverse I demand my shine
In the kitchen mixing brown like it's the sands of time
It's a brick of heroine, this shows my clarity
Crack took over the 80's...this goes (discos) for 70
His flow could mess with me? my mind's outraged
Put some mo' (Samoan) in THE ROCK and ONE EYEBROW RAISED
Wild out days, his body 360 for the criticism
In other words, bullets spin THE BLOCK like they didn't hit em
f*ck ya cynicism, pole lift em, out here on a cold mission
Put it to his rim, then BLOCK IS SHOT...goal tendin'
Soul endin', even on a playground a gun'll fire
These kids MAJOR in war before they become a MINOR
Young n*ggas, so full of energy, but uninspired
It's f*cked up they gotta REST IN PEACE, and they wasn't tired
You can't f*ck with Myers , I c*ck the 5th
I send a fiend at em fast a rocket ship when a rock get shipped
Struggle and drugs is what yo’ topic is?
If you see the birds I view (eye) you’ll know I was on top of sh*t
I ain’t do the time you did waiting on them bars to open up
But I’ll put a price on yo’ head and sell (cell) block...close enough
Focus bruh, we seen you wreakin’ havoc
Now SMACK got Block in battles like he ain’t want another league to have it
This n*gga be dramatic, but really he ain’t half as decent
How he enter calm (intercom) with all this plain (plane) sh*t, this is your Captain speaking’
Caps is squeezin’? Y’all better listen again
You don’t chef Boy or D (Boyardee) but you went to the can?
This n*ggas a scam, there’s a lesson in every bar? We don’t got the same employer
Every n*gga that got a lesson from a bar became a lawyer
I’ll flame a saucer ’til you on the ground with this sh*t
This wack MC got another 2 rounds of this sh*t

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
I put the Beanie on in Philly and show em that the TRUTHS the gun
This THE REASON it’s BECOMING clear he’s ‘bout to lose a lung
Was movin’ tons but not just sour
I’m Jamie Fox, I took the pills and brought the PROJECT POWER
This what I specialize in, Smack, a bullet in his throat will jeopardize em
So the next time Block call, you won’t be able to recognize em
Eazy the block captain save a ho, this might sound condescending'
Whether (weather) HURRICANE BLOWS n*ggas or not is my kind of business
Apparently you love that girl, you ain't got a problem with it
But if I reach deep enough in her pus*y I'll find Twork's condom in it
You lose bum, everyday that pus*y ooze c*m
I was just playin' about the condom, cause they ain't use one
These the hoes y’all choose from? the ones that show their sleazy side
You f*ckin’ these nasty broads raw, ain’t that how Eazy died?
Cortez called you a n*gga, but all yo' verses be hard
N I? too G, aye, (n*gga) he woulda been in the ER
He said n*gga with a attitude, I damn there started fightin' the T.V
I'm too cold, I became Ice Cube when I was writin' for Eazy
We come from a background of strugglin' eatin Tuna
They said we'd be dead or in jail, I believed the rumors
My girl had a deck of Tarot cards to read em to us
But I got a pack, took a look in the CRYSTAL and seen the future
Ridin' in a "Bad Meets Evil", the White top Royce
Everything I say be deep like Mike Knox voice
b*tch, I’ll beat yo’ ass before we spray off gats
That’s 11 shots, 10 steals, with ONE BLOCK, Playoff stats
Every verse sick, I burst fifths, but with a blade I'll do worse sh*t
Give me something to work with, Eazy The Block Captain see he should stop rappin'
Smack, name a time you seen me that's not classic
I never slacked as a artist, spit my passion regardless
I began my career on the BLOCK now I'm back where I started
My raps are retarded, latch on the target, blastin’ the cartridge
Once I lock it (locket), they’ll search where the other half of ya heart is
You one of the hardest, but you need a few more battles
You Philly n*ggas never get out of New York’s shadow
It’s like y’all took they style and cloned that sh*t
Reed think he Rambo, y’all still on (Stallone) that sh*t
You a b*tch just own that sh*t, you on the ground with this sh*t
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this sh*t, Yikes

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Coming from the streets only a couple of ways to make dough
You either rap, play ball, or slang dope
I know a Mexican from the hood that bake O’s
They said “you lookin’ for T esse? (TSA), I grabbed a crate load
Threw it in back of my Range Rov, that’s when Jake rose
How ironic, they was in plain clothes
See it’s a closed plane we livin’ in
You either win a ‘ship, get shipped to the pen, or use ya penmanship
So penning’ sh*t while my public defender defendin’ all my pendin’ sh*t
Got me sendin’ sh*t through the firing pin so fast even the wind get chipped
I give a f*ck if you Popeye off the spinach dip
We militant
They make movies ‘bout us, you could never stop us
This BLACK HAWK DOWN a helicopter
You wanna wage World War too, you must ain’t seen all my killings
I won’t hold it against you, but this PEARL HARBOR feelings
Bar God!
I’ll come to Philly and give his beanie macs
Every verse he talkin’ Rock (Roc), but he a n*gga that the PD crack
A fella, the Llama'll send foes, the drama is ten fold
Headshot, he spazzin' but not movin', Saga in Zen mode
This where the problem begins though, I converse mean
His blood left him with stained glasses, it’s church themed
Lakers just won the title, to celebrate Im tryna hurt things
Let one connect across Anthony brow with the first ring
My n*gga just came home from prison, selling rocks in his community
He couldn’t get hired cause of a murder, using Glocks with no impunity
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
I do
I paid him to kill you, if not my opp’ll ruin me
He couldn’t a job because of murder, now Block his opportunity
Stop the scrutiny, ain’t no fairy tale with this heater man
I’ll leave Captain hooked (Captain Hook) to all kinds of tubes, he’ll have to Pee the pan
With either hand I can surely move mountains
Plus I can see through n*ggas forces like the early 2000’s
I’m wildin’, this Philly b*tch ain't on par with me
How that n*gga from yo’ city, but Cassidy call and spar with me?
There’s a lesson in every...who gone die? You are fool
I make these n*ggas pay for these lessons like Umar school
A few more tools, a hundred shots on the block get a lot of attention
You can not get to these payments when I got an extension
I’m from the product of henchman, and you on the ground with this sh*t
Thank the Lord he don’t got another round of this sh*t

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