Rum Nitty vs. Serius Jones lyrics



[Round 1: Serius Jones]
Wait in the trap
The dope? Brick by brick
If you hatin', then jack
Cause everybody know now, I'ma pull out that Big(g) K over Smack
JK, just killin'
The GOAT ain't kiddin', get rich quick it ain't only fans that do you bad baby (Bhad Bhabie)
But catch me outside, I'll grip the cold steel
Put your head up against your car tire
Since they say I hold b*tches against they own will (wheel)
Comin' to my cell, with they cells, showin' me y'all blogs
That's how I had the guards on the tier
And y'all out here talkin' 'bout, "Who God tier?"
n*gga, I was a god on the tear
Now this a contest? With 16, that's the number prepared
And this my first event, I was innocent
But when I beat this b*tch, on stage for my money, I'ma show y'all what Ike Turner meant (tournament)
Y'all been sleepin', it's time to wake 'em up
OD'ing on Caffeine and Rum, like Kahlua
Get upset and testing (intestine) the baow movin' (bowel movement)
Them easy name flips without a crowd, useless
They say, "This up. Nitty gritty", well let's get down to it
Cause this ain't you and I vers' city (university)
You ain't gotta be Ivy League to add up this con L's (Cornell)
Versus Jones with, one?
Everybody prolly said, "Rum gon' take these shots to the head."
But nah, I got Ill Will for Nitty
That means I'm a Yak ('Gnac) n*gga with Homi's
Yeah you in that mix but all we get is a punch with Rum
You wanna live my life, let's keep it gangsta
I'ma be Frank, Nitty
I see Jake in you
State Farm Commercial, cause all you do is flip names
But look at what you named yourself; Rum
But you givin' cheap shots
So you know Every Bar gon' serve you
You tryin' to give us over proof
Throw it up then choke
Cause Rum ain't made for takin' shots
I know it's rough on the palette, is that why you go down easy?
They said, "Rum on the rocks" but my ties (mai tais)? Mob
He molasses slow, run him over
Or give him a limp he ain't proud of, that's Suge or (sugar) 'caine (cane)
What? I gotta explain?
I know what Rum is really made out of
I draw down, on the fastest gun on the west
Cause a vets gun's faster
He try to creep up from behind and book me?
It was a murder, I read Rum (redrum) backwards
We know!
Nitty got more gun lines than a Texas pawn shop
He got FNs, Sig Sau's, Glocks with long stocks, man stop brother
We know you worked at Wal-Mart in the stock room
This is literally a MAC vs. a boxcutter!
You put slavin' over C'ing (overseeing) in the field, n*gga
Well it's 'bout time, you ain't got no job if you really put work in
If you do and you proud, fine
Then the beef back; cow spine
Creep up on him on his down time
Tap into the inner calm (intercom) then baow, do him dirty, "Clean up on aisle 9!"
I thought I wasn't even gonna be breathing free again
Cause though it's Rum to you but to me it's gin
And as soon as I see you, two arms extended; bring it in
Aw man, the sh*t is mine, I'm still in my prime
Matter of fact, tell 'em what I get better with....time

[Round 1: Rum Nitty]
Welcome home
Well, clap it up for bro - welcome home

You'se a motherf*ckin' battle rap flunky, n*gga
Been in this sh*t double digits
Your name don't sell no f*ckin' tickets
And now you out here doin' funny business
Thought you was just gon' duck Bigg K and come win you some money didn't you?
Ended up gettin' Rum in the first round, it was a dummy mission
Bummy n*gga, prolly be at yo' house, couch surfin'; pun intended
Now it's like you have to win it
Dude a fool
You gon' go back to nothin', you homeless motherf*cker, you don't have room to lose
The nurse is feedin' food to you through a tube
You'll be ruined too
You'll probably never again take a battle, Serius (serious); you Nu Jerooz
You should move
You was better with the barber life, you done lost your hype
All that thinkin' you was a mack (Mac), trash, been (bin) had you at the bottom, right?
You gon' die tonight
And he nervous, we lurkin', team purging
This ain't the same n*gga from the Mook battle, it's the cheap version
We all know that number that serious (Serius) charges probably dropped, after he beat murder (Murda)
And he heard you
Ain't got a crib or apartment
No whips so you walkin'
Ice voice, "He don't even got a phone."
I don't see how this b*tch Siri is (Serius) talkin'
You 49 years old with a P.O.?
That ain't street, no
You was a geek bro
But in his mind he's stickin' to the G code
But he broke, thinkin' he a P
What the f*ck is he on?
You need to think mo'
You only get one, and since you playin' and not livin' it
This near death experience
Gon' make you want to take your life serious (Serius)
You still a b*tch
Type to give up his n*gga for some fame
A diamond grill, a little chain, just so all the b*tches know your name
You ain't pimpin' you a lame
Bull-sh*t, all you ever did for a whore is (Horace) Grant a bad vision in the game
Effin' shame
Ain't nothin' else to do but dude fake
I pull this toolie he gon' smooth break
He try to do it movin' it's too late
Rifle, on a tri-pod, I use it to shoot straight
I put the stand up and got serious (Serius), like I'm losin' in 2K
Dude lame!
We don't allow him
Poles around me
Bobby Shmurda, I got an extra Tom' (time) just in case ya homie Rowdy
Clown him
You just a relative of the relatives
You ain't even with the pack, you thirsty
I can't lie, Ice did say you was a Wolf, but just the rappin' version
Catch a 30, put you in the trunk to die
Leave the old Wolf stuffed inside; like taxidermy
That was dirty
Beatin' me is not gon' be easy pimp
Plus, you standin' in front of a potential Twork rematch
The fans do not wanna see you win
Sink or swim

[Round 2: Serius Jones]
I said ah, I seen that troll poll that had you winning 99%, and me 1
So on my kid I'm gon' pop
I gotta put you under dog
Cause this pole I got, gotchu losin' 30, by a long shot
Speakin' of 30
It's Insane how you Cripping but Rolling with your fourth baby Loc
You been in five different gangs?
Now that's impressive
I mean, we all know my life is a movie but are you an actor or an extra
Cause you only crackin' under pressure
You use guns for props
If you rollin', take one, but your clip bored (board), and you only make movies cause you been in more sets than a casting director
n*gga you cap, that's why you gettin' twisted
Snapple facts, matter of fact
I said "yo" and put battle rappin' on the map, relax
Just cause I'm "old school", they try to coup da vill in (Coupe DeVille)
But I still got that drive they thought this cat'll lack (Cadillac)
Punisher, been riding since T-Rex had the Ac'
And he meant me when he said he had a Mac(k) in the back of that!
But as for scrap
Yeah you got the Desert, but your swag drier than your habitat
You like Math and that
You gotta waste bars, the setup, your punches
But I'm like little homie happy he gettin' jumped in
Yeah I'm punchin' but through (threw) the setup
My sh*t overlaid
It's blue in your veins? Well, that means red blood is good
Big Draco, on the homie shoulder, walkin' through this fruit town
Who said Big Soulja ain't from the hood?
I cook a bird, see it duck
If this shot don't give me what I need, burn him on the surface
The truth? Sear Rum (serum)
I don't hear or fear Rum
Are you dumb?
If I hear you play something stupid, I'll beat your eardrums with dum dums
I'm the champ, peon (champion)
You don't hear the music? Dun dun
Shoulder strap, stick with the drum for Rum
Pum pum pum
You come from, where the Suns from
Tonight I'm putting a bird through him
That's right, Phoenix ain't rising from the ashes
It's gettin' burnt to him
I've been there
I thought you was down in the Fourth Quarter
Shouldn't you be taking shots trying to come back?
When the block knocking off packs
But that's not The Format
I ask n*ggas in AZ, "Is 'Life A b*tch' and then you die here?"
And all I heard was, "Nahs (Nas), it's way too hot for all that."
n*gga you burnin'
Plus you like strippers on they period, now that's a disgrace
Then why you let Twork get it poppin' with a red rag in ya face?
I said, all them gun lines, you get it from your domestic life
I be wondering where they get it from
I heard he wanted to be a Grape when he was young
You was just so sweet they left him alone
So long he turned into Rum
And the gun bars?
He doin' the drive-by, three deep with the straps
See he got that when he was at the drive-thru...with his kids strapped in the car seats in the back
See, and the gun bars, when he say he dressed in blue
Bandana, vest on, making sure he shoot straight
That n*gga had a blue vest on with the gun like, "Boop. Price check on toothpaste."
And the gun bars, when he say he on the Ave and he mopping n*ggas auntie's up ('Ante Up')
He was just mad his auntie made him mop and clean the pantry up
But see I ain't gotta make up sh*t or join cliques cause my life is hot
But when you combine all the cliques this guy has hopped
It makes sense, he's only Insane Crip with Homis cause SON caught a (Quarter) Writer's Bloque
Stop playin'

[Round 2: Rum Nitty]

{Nitty imitating Jones on the phone with ARP}

"Ayo Adam man. I burnt my house down while I was trying to cook and somebody life got took
Then my wife got booked
Police outside tryin' to talk to me right now but I might be good
I'ma still try and push."
You was lyin', using everything inside the book
You was even whining to Ice 'bout not making the flight they booked
They gave you 24 hours, took the battle, denied the look
Said, 'The boy Serius too late" and that's why he was Crying, Wolf!
You really is a goof
I'm glad that n*gga hit you too
That sh*t prolly made Pop proud, how he did it for the "woo" (Wu)
He hit ya roof, you was leaning ridiculous
It ain't even a joke either, that was me being Serius! (serious)
You serious? You gettin' in that bag
Fresh tag
If the coroners coming to pick up anybody, it's gon' be serious (Serius) dead ass
Tell 'em zip it!
Yo' hoes caught tricks on the blade?
Well I can do tricks with the blade, this is different
Flip it
And give a Pimp A Butterfly like Kendrick
You finished
You gonna stretch who? You dead soon
You washed up and you get less views
Not the one to compare checks to
Cause mine or (minor) your cuts, not even serious (Serius) as a flesh wound
Dude was prolly crying when 12 booked him
And that universe is parallel to me
How you try to pick up pimpin' and landed in a cell (sell) pus*y
You failed fully
You gon' die soon, .9 shoot
His main organ struck once, aorta (a order) f*cked up like the drive-thru
Slide through, catch him in route, bury a clown
You know what the f*ck it is, I ain't gotta tell what I'm 'bout
Shell hit the scalp and take the face off (Faceoff) too, Serius (serious)...I'll air this b*tch out!
You better sit down
This wasn't a battle you supposed to take
And I'ma show him exactly why, so serious (Serius) will see how I'm cut, I'm all in this Joker face
Know your place
That funny sh*t gon' come to a quick stop
Put bread on his top
For the record, the right amount of loot'll (Luda) will get him dropped
Crazy, you beat the Asian and then Jin popped
Then the judge reminded you of that situation when he put you in gen' pop'
Or maybe protective custody, cause he's sweet
Nah, that's out the Window
You can't be the Mac(k) in PC
Mean heat, I keep a K too (K2)
Chop', with a body on it like DNA Tooth
I shoot, and knock the head off dawg (dog) neck
Got him tryin' to keep Serius (serious) face on like a staring contest
On the set
You can't keep it real yourself
Suicide or I'll do the job, you decide

[Round 3: Serius Jones]
Turn-up time...
We gladiators in this ring
And these fights to the death, on my kids in collum (?) see 'em (coliseum)
Don't talk to me 'bout no small room
You think he make noise cause he turned up on some Volumes?
I clap n*ggas in comas in Irving Plaza with thousands in ticket sales
I sowed my royal oats for you to be an earth Quaker
I shake buildings in my sleep, I even weigh options on the Richter Scale
I keep pills buried (Pillsbury) and I open up biscuits
Yeah, the can'll bust as soon as I twist it
You said, 'This the part you're (departure) gonna need security, cause it's gonna get terminal for you"
And all thought that was Murda
But see I take sh*t further
Cause the belt got the machine on it that go through sh*t and I go through more bags than a TSA worker
50 shot, I pop corns (popcorn) like Nitty pops
O.G. with the baldhead that shocked the young boys going left; Gilly shot
One leg up, swinging the arm, I'll Milly Rock on any block
Leg shot, split ya jeans
They gon' turn this from the Diddy to the Nitty Bop
I'm top notch
I got jumped in the box and had to do my numbers
So putting Math on the ground, that's hop scotch
But I got five figures for Ill Will and high fives for Math
So quit the jokes like, "Oh Jones needed hoes cause he was broke and on his ass."
Nah, they just see God in me
But I told these battle leagues I'm coming home like Moses on they ass
Yeah I see (Sea) Red, and this part to water when they come talk to the God, I'm holding up the staff
Knock ya di*k in the dirt
So you can literally f*ck where you from
It's not a joke
I really will for real
Watch your Step Brother, I go nuts with the drum
I have Black Thoughts, my Roots deep, I speak for the slums
You got gun lines, who you think Loaded Lux up? Gave Cory the guns (Gunz)?
They got our rights wrong
Lefty, gun up in the right palm
You wanna gang bang, I gotta make you my son just for Mysonne
Quit that narrative
I never bragged about macking, I did what I had to live
Serius 'bout that action
I ain't no Verb, I'm an adjective
I invented Showtime, stopped playing for years and had 'em scared of Blood like Magic did
I invented sonning n*ggas, giving life to this culture when you was a baby Loc
To up to where you now at the crib having kids
Wow, Serius hilarious
Insane, that means I'll have you in stitches
I'm talkin' doctors wounds
Let his fam' see how it look different without Nitty, like "oppertune"
Gomer Pyle
I've been an International P since Fight Klub, n*gga hold it down
I control the crowd you can't even control ya bowels
You full of sh*t, actin' like a general
One pow'll (Powell) will empty your colon (Colin) Powell

[Round 3: Rum Nitty]
I didn't even know you was locked up my n*gga
I was like, "Damn, he gone?"
The culture wasn't repping for you
I didn't see a n*gga with a "Free Jones" tee on
Or even a post saying "He home"
You not even a legend, you just been on the scene long
What classic performance in this era has he shown?
And what Mt. Rushmore's is he on?
You more known for a n*gga punchin' on ya roof
Perpetrating business, bad pimpin', and n*ggas lyin' and gum bumpin' on the Tube
My n*gga, you one slip up away from being another Ah di Boom
This the truth
How you let a n*gga punch you in yo' sh*t like that?
I mean in front of yo' b*tches, you can't pimp like that
Then wanna go home and be all extra aggressive, she gon' be like, "Why you ain't do him like that?"
You f*cked up a lot of opportunities cause your glass chin like that
If it wasn't for you my n*gga Daylyt would've been on SMACK
So I'ma clap this b*tch up, air somethin'
Five sent (cent), I point and clear it out, like the tare button on a scale function
If you ain't get it, that was hot, you gotta think y'all
It means I put a nickel on his top and pushed it way off
I hate dawg
I ain't gotta get all up on him for a Glock to drop him
Rum shot, from a distance, it's like I'm water falling, caught a hollow
A cool n*gga, but still'll (Steeler) wig out like Polamalu
You ain't got an option, no talk I'ma kill him
And I'm a get back to Wild 'N Out, I just had to showoff (show off) for a minute
Glock in the denim
If I pull it, you gon' get shot then
What I conceal will wet a b*tch, with a red light, it's the Tik Tok trend
His Glock spit, you gon' die partna
And on the polls (poles), I'ma get most votes (volts), I'm high wattage
Every line proper
I got One Punch for this Serius (serious) Cartoon like Saitama
Whoever try me, for sure the smoked
I grab the nose airing a cap, I look like a third base coach
You broke, you can't do nothing for a sl*t
You really thought you was a P, you way off, like your unemployment cut
You better make plans
That n*gga ARP gave you a name I know you can't stand
30 out the K blam, and put 23 in the Cartoon like Space Jam
I pay fam', you gon' die in pain, whole side get slain
I give my shooter, 22 G's, and he gon' snipe a gang
Bang, eat a shell
Yeah the Cartoon, top 10 like Cita's World
He a girl
You can't keep it real yourself, suicide or I'll do the job, you decide
(Kill yaself)
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