Yoshi G vs. Drugz lyrics



[Round 1: Yoshi G]
Let's just get this rumor out the way
What was it again? A Goonies orgy?
A train?
That's a loco motive (locomotive) to initiate in a gang
What a shame
I guess it is my fault, I was in groupie mode
Lookin' at myself like, "Minaj record? You a 'Stupid Ho'"
I lowkey started the rumor myself, and now it's killin' me
I mean, I was just speakin' my dream: somniloquy
Playin' my role, until thots (thoughts) allowed on stage: soliloquy
Somethin' 'bout that night's a blur...but I try to reminisce it
I just remember Mack Mel from the back like, "Hold it down by the chicken!"
Now it's Glu', stuck in the corner
Lookin' like his great-grandfather the Colonel, finger-lickin'
And Ryda, Ryda...Ramon
Oh, Ryda Ramon (rider'll moan) like a b*tch without even hittin'
Okay, it's startin' to come back
I thought I liked b*tches until I see three (C3) straps, a big butt, and had to reconsider
Yo, she just different
I'll f*ck your best friend, your Ace, I mean (Amin)
And Qu' been (Quban) knew he need to bring a bulletproof vest for me
Kept makin' Holmzie mad - you remember when Holmzie was a Goonie briefly?
By sayin' B. Dot the God like, "Homie, you give Muslim vibes. Why not try Holmzie Allah?"
That's hypocritical at that
Plus he like, "If you f*ck up my name again, consider you smacked."
Then it hit me...the star's missin'
We really need a Raivon to get this party in the right swing
I mean, I need that coma. Clap!
A good night's sleep
I need us to get back Twork (to work) like the right-wing
So f*ck Drugz!
I bet you looked up my ex to see (ecstasy) how I party, Drugz (drugs)
I'm dope, so up against a pothead, we'd (weed) see you hardly, Drugz (drugs)
You get stepped on, you battle too much, you not floatin'
It will not work, you not Twork
Last-minute, you both rushin'
Switches and Casey worried 'bout preppin' (Prep and) some dope substance?
n*gga...are y'all tryin' to sway the audience?
You my n*gga, but I'll sever (Sevah) ties
On this true day of Sabbath, my n*gga, I'll sabotage
I got a cause
Yo, she G...
And we be wantin' to call you by your government
I think that's what you should use if (Yusef) Drugz not it
You not potent, we not quotin'
(*Drugz impression*) "LLAMAS bla-"
n*gga, pick a new move!
Plus I wanna see the man behind the Llama: you need a New Groove
So to call you "Drugz" does you no justice
I mean, yes, you get cooked, bagged, but you never control substance
So f*ck you, f*ck Goonies as a crew!
Cheeko, Beasley, Smack, for 100K, I will f*ck y'all too
Get to know me

[Round 1: Drugz]
As far as struggles only women can relate to, you a true victim
You told us stories how you been in relationships wit' all these abusive and cool n*ggas
b*tch, one of them stories broke my heart so bad, I wanted to whoop the n*gga ass and...I ain't even have nothin' to do wit' it
'Cause honestly, all that domestic violence sh*t, I'm really not cool wit' it
I do not believe in puttin' your hands on women...
(*chk-chk*) I shoot b*tches!
I'm too livid
I heard y'all talkin'
Now watch me string little Yo-Yo along
And after I drop a round on this trick, y'all gon' say I dog-walked her!
This what y'all offer!? Food!
I knew, and y'all knew
And you ain't even think you was gonna win
Just wanted to be wit' 13 n*ggas in a small room
Why they even CALL you!?
You lookin' at a savage in the flesh
Wit' a large tool, FNJs clappin' through her vest
That b*tch was far too, but the grip make it accurate at its best
All them nudes you sent...you should be used to attachments on the TECs (texts)!
I'm vexed!
Your mother next!
Front steps, knock-knock, "Your daughter started drama."
Cut her head off and bring it on stage, like "This is your mama" like Wil Valderrama!
She a goner, I bring a beam
Everybody wanna be on The Gun Show - (*chk-chk*) - 'til they in deleted scenes!
You ain't seasoned, queen!
You gotta rap wit' me, so just call it quits
'Cause you don't got one quotable that don't involve a di*k
I'm tired of this, and y'all let her slide wit' this
She says some basic sexual sh*t, and you act like this b*tch cooking
Shock value 'cause she talks about sucking a f*ckin' di*k?
That's what I don't get fully
That sh*t only shocking to n*ggas who don't get pus*y!
I swear to God I'm so tired of hearing 'bout this b*tch cookie!
You talk about it every five seconds, it makes it less arousin'
This snub ain't nothin' to mess around wit'
.38 in her box: let's see what's so Special 'bout it!
Go to the trunk, pull the weapon out it
I'm 'bout to slide, y'all!
This 100-round drum? My God!
I just throw it in the machine and press a button like a Tide Pod!
Side bar! The nerve of
A b*tch who only f*cks stars, but baby daddy's a battle rapper we never heard of
Y'all done hyped this bird up! This sh*t unsuitable!
How that pus*y top-tier, but your baby daddy in the Crucible!?
This is unusual!
What the f*ck is this?
You said you had a thousand dollars for anybody that can prove you mess wit' a lower-tier battle rapper
I want my money, b*tch

[Round 2: Yoshi G]
I said, this for Kim
You know, a Queen Be(e) wit' somethin' Big (B.I.G.)
Poppa Drugz
Nah, you got me p*ssed, dirty
P.O. visit: for this smoke, I will risk bars for Drugz (drugs)
I lost too much to addiction, so now I'm hard on Drugz (drugs)
And if I'm prone to it, and the arm come out, it's not in vain (vein)
It left scars for Drugz (drugs)
I don't f*ck wit' you n*ggas...or none of you b*tches either
They my daughters, while he (Wally) my first son like Mrs. Cleaver
I didn't know what gun to rap about, and I tried to Google some sh*t
f*ck - I just know I need a body on the ground when I chalk it out
Gun Show? I hope so, 'cause ain't sh*t inside your rounds
Your friends gas you, B
Truth say you won...in your head like Cassidy
Yusef, if you know what's best for you, better use what you rap for me
Or you gon' be a pretty little lightskin casualty
I'm talkin' 'bout you need to actually be... dumping on stage, son...Lyt's kin mentality
n*gga, I'm ready to fight - grapple me
I will put facts wit' cap like Snapple tea
A thot (thought) assemble words together to line a square: come Scrabble me
Bad trap queen: I'm not gon' hold you, Drugz (drugs)
Nancy Reagan said it best: "Just Say No to Drugz (drugs)."
I dare (D.A.R.E.) you - try and school me, it's gon' be over, Drugz (drugs)
I mean, you may be a Blood, but Negro...you ain't no thug
I seen you gettin' cracked in the street so bad...
Geechi Gotti proved trees was a gateway, Drugz (drugs)
See, that's my way
'Cause I see a QP on the highway would leave a b*tch behind bars in a tri-state
That's true addiction
"We want that old Yoshi! No New Edition!"
What? Now how that sound?
Mad 'cause I was Humpin' Around?
If it's My Prerogative, why Every Step I Take they try knockin' me down!?
This got me down!
f*ckin' tournament! f*ckIN' MONEY! THIS GOT ME DOWN!
I lost EVERYONE in my life because of Drugz (drugs) like Bobby Brown!
So yes, I'mma stay showin' my ass onstage for shine
Only right I mention Mooning you
n*gga, I cannot believe what you let that old man do to you
I mean, I got my own V.A. stripes
Wig on the street without the Adidas suit
I'm just kinda...p*ssed the Gun Show didn't have to bust a move
'Cause when your homie had to come to your rescue, I almost lost my cool
The bigger .9 I expected, but to pull out...was somethin' I ain't know Twork can do
Now get me lit!
"Yo, she (Yoshi) gon' be eatin' some sh-"
This ain't a game, b*tch!
And if it is, it's 'cause you feelin' this Yoshi flame spit
Get to know me

[Round 2: Drugz]
It gets dark
Get dark

"Shout out to my mammy, she live in Miami"
She told you "Don't stop poppin' that pus*y", right?
As a father, instantly I was so lost
Now let's fast-forward four bars
She got pregnant wit' you at 15, and had she aborted you, her folks woulda offered her her own car
So she took on the struggles of being a teen mom, and then you bragged to us about how she was so strong
And this what you choose to do with the life she gave you? You so wrong
I bet you she knew what she knows now, she woulda drove off!
This ho lost!
Thot bars? You really need to start reflectin'
Your daughter's at a age she can get on the Internet and watch what you do
You gotta really realize who your cause affectin'
She can open an app and watch her mother rap about suckin' and f*ckin' her way to the top
Givin' her false impressions
You really think your mother gave up a car just to watch you steer your daughter IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!?
That thot sh*t was cool as first, but now it's all in question
'Cause that same little girl you kiss on the forehead and say "Good night" to
Is the same one that looks on the screen when you say you get f*cked 'til you scream and wants to be just like you
So when she walks in the house pregnant as a teen, she can in no way be spiteful
I mean, she got it from her mama
Who else is there to be blamed besides you?
Why not teach her about birth control? 'Cause you supposed to break the cycle!
You the one she gon' stay up late and cry to!
Well, at least try to
But Mommy's always out of town chasin' battle rap when she should be doin' much more
'Cause you're currently in a situation where they're trying to take the kids you adore
So I'm tryna figure out how you state-to-state every weekend when you goin' through a custody battle in yours
I'm floored
You keep your son away from his dad so he has no chance to look up to a man
But he's too busy when he says, "Hey, Ma. Look, I'm in a band."
Meanwhile, you're in Virginia getting your ass whooped at BANNED
This sh*t is sad
When her daughter's sick, she's 'posed to be givin' her soup at night
Mommy's too busy bookin' her flight for the next Super Fight
You really think how you movin' right?
Chasin' battle rap, leavin' them kids alone?
Why the f*ck you at NOME when you 'posed to be at home!?
Teachin' her how to be a queen but you on Watch The-
What the f*ck is goin' on!?
Yoshi, you are GROWN!
In yo' mid-30s, actin' like a f*ckin' clown
I don't care what you say
99% of every woman's goal is to settle down
But the way you act? It'll never be
Clean yourself up...or URL's anniversary card gon' be the only one you ever see
I couldn't let it be, but you my friend, so I did what I should
Made sure you understood
You too worried about the Brotherhood
You need to be worried about your motherhood!
Go home

[Smack White]
Let's get it
Last round! Yoshi G, it's on you
Let's get it


[Round 3: Yoshi G]
n*ggA, WHAT'S A "THOT BAR"!?
Hopin' Jakk' get Top off? That's literally nothin' (nuttin') for me
I'm that sick, but psychologically, why am I like this?
Why when I see a D, HD- (ADHD)?
Drugz (drugs), I need an addy right quick
All hazy, hormones raging, I need to make a life switch
I'm just Living Single
I say...hormones raging, I'm just Living Single, I better make a life switch
Like "Turn off getting turned on by some light di*k"
I never seen so much darkness in a bright b*tch!
And if I couldn't rap, I wouldn't gain sh*t!
(*Yoshi takes a couple deep breaths*)
I just dropped my daughter off to her father in Atlanta
We in a tournament...
f*ck that...we actually co-parent, so it's his turn, I meant
And any objection by me for him to see his daughter would be outta pocket
This isn't in my genes, I didn't inherit this logic
It's just a generational curse, and I'm determined to stop it
And I gotta stop puttin' it on my father, 'cause it's a pain split
I mean, it didn't help hearin' my mama keep tellin' me, "Yo' daddy ain't sh*t"
Or "Get out my face! You look just like that n*gga! You makin' me sick!"
So if at my best, I'm my father's daughter, I'm only embracin' what I was taught he is
And no, I don't blame you, Mama, but it's no wonder a negative thot (thought) exists
I say that to say this: you're a good father
I thought that you should know
I think the way you fight to be in your baby girl's life is beautiful
Baby mamas purposely keepin' the child out of the father's life cruel and unusual
I root for you
I cannot imagine what that kind of pain would do to you
Just don't give up, Drugz
I know that's like a oxymoronic way to soothe you through
So if this gives you any comfort, I guarantee she'll bring your daughter to your funeral
You think you controllin' my mental?

That was crazy

[Yoshi G]
Sike, Drugz (psych drugs)
I'm crazy
I need a saving A. Ward and a Valium, that's a white drug
Keyshia Cole..."I Should Have Cheated"!
Nah, that's a jam for me
'Cause I wanna be, artistically free
Mr. 1-10 on the App! That give me a 90% chance of kickin' yo' ass
I could even beat you wit' a light ars': "n*gga, you trash!"
I just need a ounce of thot (thought) to get Drugz (drugs) fully bagged
I see you b*tches watchin'
I'm the anomaly, you the option
Get to know me
Good sh*t, man

[Round 3: Drugz]
May 13th will make a year since I've seen my daughter
If you watchin' right now, Kennedy, I love you
See, you up here rappin' your heart out 'cause you want to
I need that 100K so I can pay for the lawyers to come through
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